New aim for my room!!

Been awhile since I blog and I shall blog this to remind myself that by the end of this year or maybe mid of this year. My room shall change!!! 

I SHALL CHANGE THE WHOLE LOOK OF IT! Well most of it since I can't change some part... but probably the whole feel! And I shall aim to make it more colorful and cute and pretty!

 So fire up that Im getting new curtains, bed, bed sheet and bed frame! Sadly I can't change my cardboards or else I will be really happy! Been talking to michi about the whole room thing and we both were serious discussion on what to get, what to choose and what matches! Soo fun like this two girls getting their own house and trying to make a super girly one! 

Currently My room looks like this. Pardon that it is messy! 

Well now after I see in photos and take a good look it is really messy! 

In other view for me to remember! 

Can't change these for nuts because they are glued to the wall.. sigh! 

seems like i try to cluster fuck a lot of things and try to get as much pink as possible in my room o-o||| 

Lets see, I shall add more blue, purple, green and yellow in to give a really pastel colour to my room! 

I just love pastel colours now!! So pretty and cute! 

Well there is always white and pink like these I saw in tumblr! Seems like it is in Japan Ikea! It soo pretty! 

Shall aim to get this kind of feel or else a really colorful room! 

I came across to this website and fell in love with their rooms!
IT IS TOO PRETTY!! AND it makes me want to do my room more!

Im going to need a kitchen to put all the colourful plates and cup in the future! LIKE THIS! 


Not forgetting adding a few of this pretty carpets 

and have tea sets like this too!

and I dream of having a kotatsu! Just that singapore is too got and I will probably die in one. 

Yes I shall dream and wait for that day to come! 
So for now I shall try to make my room into my dream pastel room bit by bit! Shall update once I got my curtains and bed frame! 

If anyone of you have a really nice pastel room or pinky room! Show me! and let me fall in love with your room! 


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