New year eve at The Greenhouse

well like I wanted to say, HOMG IS THE NEW YEAR ALREADY! 2013 WAS JUST HERE AND NOW IS GONE! next thing you will know HOMG IS 2015! WTF! oh well time flies, so I should stop stoning and get working!

So Ian and family invited us to the Greenhouse again this year!
and as usual, trying some sort of new makeup which always fail and go back to my normal one!

I was a bit tired of using Dolly wink eyeshadow 02 for the whole night look. Which is this one if you can't remember. The silver with pink look which is really nice for night dinners and prom. 

Im like a makeup noob, the one I know I use it all the time. So I should really try to experiment more.

Well kinda failed for this dinner because I went back to it. I end up using coastal scents colours to try to mix instead of dolly wink. and get the same result XD silly me. 

So decided to camwhore with Vincent first because fresh makeup is always more awesome! And we had some times before leaving the house.

Since New year is really near Christmas, Ritz Carlton still had their pretty Christmas tree up! One at their lobby. 

and one in the Greenhouse at the buffet table! 
Btw see those balloons, is going to drop when the clock hits 12! 

Went early and met Rachel, Patrick and Ying! Trying to take a candy shot here! haha 

After everyone arrived and chit chats I had to take photo of the buffet! I always forget because I always go and eat! Piggy me T-T

The cheese spread that we see first! Im not a fan of cheese, but this look like a cheese heaven for a cheese fan.  

There is even fresh honey and grapes for you! My mom was in heaven. 

and FIGS! I like cheese with figs o-o! 

Next to it was Indian food! sadly no butter chicken. 

Western after that! 

Next to it was the cold dishes and sea food! 

WITH OH GLORIOUS OYSTERS! I think I ate around 8 that day .-. thats alot right. 

The foie gras~  

Japanese sectors with sushi and soba!  

Even the bread looks so good!

Ahhh~ Yes but who can beat the sight of DESSERTS! EAT ALL THEM DESSERTS! 

I feel like a kid again everytime I see this! LOLIPOPS, JELLYBEANS, M&Ms! Homg!!!  

We eat until we were so full that we went out to take photos! 

Saw Rachel taking photo with balloons and went to join her! She is so cute! 

Photo with ying! XD 

With my cousin pat, her son evan and rachel!

With my family!! My brother has gone god know where so here is 4 of us! 

Taken with everyone secs before clock hit 12! 

and then this happen! 

That was awesome and everything but I hate what comes after.. WHERE PEOPLE TRY TO STEP ON THOSE BALLOONS AND BURST THEM! OH DAMN YOU PEOPLE!!! Im like so scared because I got burst right infront before and it give an impact and hurt. so yea kinda scared of them bursting x-x! 

Well thats it! Happy new year guys even thou im like almost 20days late! But still HAVE A GOOD 2014! 



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