Toby's Estate all day breakfast!

Christy brought me to birthday brunch the other day and we went to toby's estate! 
It was pretty hard to find the place because is near the river side instead of a roadside. So even if you take a car you need to walk.  

Been hearing about this place but didn't had the chance to go! Finally did! 

Toby's Estate is originally from Australia and then they went over to Singapore and even New York.
Many people claim that they serves one of the best coffee around. 

Once you see these tables outside with these tents! You know you are at the right place.  

Cozy ambiance with dim lighiting. More lighting came from the sun then the lights.
And a long table in the middle so that everyone can seat together or you share seat with others! 

It seems like they brewed and roast their own coffee in the shop too!
 This machine was at the corner of the cafe near the front door. 
You can't miss this! Is too big for your eyes to miss it! 

With muffins, scones, pastries and cakes display for your viewing pleasure. 

When you take a seat they will hand out a bottle of water for you which is refillable.

and present you a clipboard which is their menu.

My date for that day ^^!! Christy 

I ordered the Toby's Breakfast ($16+) which cames with Scrambles eggs, bacon, Roasted tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and brioche! It was so wonderful and good that I say this beats Wild honey for their English breakfast! The other thing that Wild honey had sausages, potatoes and beans. 

Christy ordered the Poached Eggs with salmon! ($12+) and she told me it was really good!! 

Sadly we didn't try the coffee but I shall next time! I mean is a place for coffee right ><!! But we went for all day breakfast instead!! I will be going back soon with Vincent to try their coffee and stone while we see the river. 


Toby's Estate 
8 Rodyk Street 
#01-03/04 Singapore 238216 
+65 6636 7629 
Mon - Thur - 7.30am to 6pm 
Fri, Sat, Eve of PH - 7.30am to 10pm 
Sun and PH - 7.30am to 9pm 


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