Chinese New year 2014!

Chinese New Year! One of the best Holidays on the calender! 
Reunions dinners, Awesome Food, Steam boats, Awesome food goodies AND ANG PAOS
Those who are not married will always remember ANG PAOS! 

So Im going to post almost all of my Chinese new year pictures in one post so that my other post won't bore you to death. 

So as usual on the first day of CNY! We go to my Grandpa house TO EAT BABA FOOD! YES! 
Sad that now my grandma is sleeping peacefully. I still miss her food badly and I remember that last cny which I eat my filled. However my grandpa one is also just as good and I always love their cooking! 

All favorite Ayam Buah Keluak!! 

Babi something... XD 

Fish Maw Soup. 

I should really go and learn and master the Peranakan cuisine so that next time my family can enjoy! Shouldn't throw away old family recipes. Those are usually the best ones

And so I found ot my grandpa bought a new dog!! IS called Lucky 2 because his previous one was named lucky too. Funny I have a cousin also got a dog name lucky... WHY DOES PEOPLE LOVE TO CALL THEIR DOG LUCKY... And also I see lot of people naming their pug rocky.. I wonder why.. I saw the 4th one last week on the streets. So lucky 2 is a Pom and it love to spin around! * I think all poms do that right*
And he have the habit of sticking out his tongue too. Such a cutie. 

My Look of the Day for Chinese New Year Day 1! 

After that it was time to go to aunty Jean house because my aunty Phyllis is not in town. 
After settling down and eating their awesome food again! Is time to take pictures! 
I had no idea where Russel went with his girl friend so I took with Cheryl and Rachel! 

Love their house because of the lighting!

Then took family photo! My parents with Aunty Jean and Uncle Mervin 

With the family! I have no idea where Russel went and also my brother was out of town. Oh well! 


After that Vincent came back from Malaysia and came over to my house for dinner with the rest of my cousins! Everyone was too busy talking and eating my dad home cooked hokkian mee and playing Mahjong! 

After a long day of visiting Vincent feel tired but I still told him need to camwhore and he gave me this pose. 

Since it was really long since we took photos together!!! Here a photo of our new addition SHEEPY THE SHEEP. I am so horrible in naming. 

Our relationship 

and my boyfriend. 

and I love him! 

After that he faster went to change and play hearthstone... He cannot live without that game now. 

So while he is playing I go camwhore more then! Since he is dominating my computer!

Outfit of the day! 

Didn't really take much for Day 2, visiting again at my cousin house! So this is my outfit for the day! 

Then come Sunday which is the 3rd day of CNY! Was going visiting yet again and the first stop is at my father friend house which they are Japanese!!! Heard they were cooking awesome food!! 

Look of the day taken in the car! 

So we went late so most of the food was already half eaten! But I took photos of the curry which is not really photogenic and ODEN! OH GOD ODEN! And their curry was sooo good too! I felt like I was in an anime when I was eating it! They also made carrot cake, Salad and even mee siam! You cannot take away the Singapore cultural once you are living here XD! 

Then came the Yu Sheng! Needed 2 because there was so many people! 

The script that they were reading! 


Salmon AND salmon SKIN! wOO


And then is done! Look at the difference.. there was more greens at the other plate. 

One thing special is that they have so many Japanese snack I never seen before!! 

Oh god this was good! 

And all different kinds too!! I was drooling! 

There was even a wine table and I spot this one immediately! Taste really nice!! 

Pink snack! with red bean paste! 

Honestly I don't know what is this BUT IT WAS SUPER SWEET 

He was soo happy too XD 

So after that we went to Xiao Hao place to play blackjack and I am so sure I am not lucky this year for gambling! Shall not try my luck anymore. Vincent have more luck then me. After that we went to Ian house to eat dinner and HOMG was it awesome! All the food there makes me drool!! My dad even told me they had Italian chicken rice... I was stun! Really like their new year porridge with duck meat!! Rachel even told me that she help make it and it was super delicious! She even bake pumpkin cake and chocolate muffin! I tell you that girl can really bake! The only sad thing was poor rocky was stuck in the room since he was not allow out during parties. 

Then come monday! My family house party! Didn't take much photo again because I was too busy running around and entertaining people! Thanks to Vincent for helping out too and those who came over like Priscilla, Jon, Jes, Vic, Ruby, Hui Jie, Ethel, Desmond, Yi chuan, Joe and Alex! *not sure if I miss anyone* Hope you had fun!! with all the eating and drinking!! wahahha!  

Just a look of the day and Outfit of the day! I knew it I grew fat because of Chinese New Year!!! oh god!! I cannot wait to go back to gym. got another 2 weeks more because we suspended our account due to CNY and vincent exams. NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT BADLY! SEE THOSE FATS D8

Well fun stuff like this happened! 

Momo was not impress! 

Ok so back to work then come the next event! My company Chinese new year dinner at 1 Degree 15! 
I was so scared to be under dress and then I think I was over dress. Oh well Lucky Suann was there with me! So this was my Look of the day! 

At crystal Jade! 

with all the brunch people! there were at least 3 tables! 

YU SHENG AGAIN! OK LETS GO! *hope this was the last but it was not * 

Ang Pao from boss!! Thank you boss! 

Ok so I didn't really take many photos of the food but these is what I got! 

Oyster and abalone 

Really good lotus rice! 

With Suann! Homg babe you are really pretty! And you said you have no makeup on! Your bare face really look perfect!!! 

With boss and Gils team! 
So agree is like charlies angel! haha! 3 girls 1 guy! 

With the rest trying to camwhore!  

The little black dress I wore for the night! 

Cannot believe this still fit after so long! Got this as a present from Claude and made by Jessie! Is really such a lovely dress!! 
So thats all for now, and chinese new year is going to end soon. Well is for the better... those chinese new year goodies has been sneaking up to my mouth and stomach! I got to stop!!! Or else I will really put on so much fat that i become 60kg! Time to head down to the gym and lose it and gain more muscles! I am so going to hot yoga too! So hope everyone have a happy chinese new year!! and hope you don't put on too much weight! 



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