Miam Miam, The French cafe with a Japanese twist!

Miam Miam! A cafe that just recently open at Bugis Junction next to BGH! 

At first before it opened I thought it was some Thai cafe because of the name. Boy was I wrong.. It was not even close!! They were selling one of my favorite food in the world! PANCAKES! SO OBVIOUSLY I MUST TRY IT RIGHT! I was dying to try it for really long already but my wallet says no! Sadly. Until one fine day! I got to try it with Christy!!! 

Really create interior with a bit of retro farm feel! And their menu is so typography! 

So THEY SELL BREAD... but not any kind.. FRENCH TOAST KIND! Just like Hoshino. 
I have yet to try this yet but one day it will come! 

Pretty much the menu reminds me of Hoshino... It almost make me feel like someone wants to compete with them with so many similar food. Or the chef ran away and went to open a new cafe O-O
Since there was curry baked rice, Souffle style pancakes, Souffle, Pasta even the french toast looks the same! And the green tea selections! So is a must try to see which is better right! 

So while waiting for the food! Camwhore and chatting is the way to go /o/! 
The waiting time was longer then Hoshino because usually Hoshino will take around 20 mins. But probably with the crowd it takes longer. so we were just waiting for around 30min+ for our food until we were quite impatient. Oh well all good food must wait right! Just that Vincent wanted to go to colo and play his game! 

So we came here for dessert! Thus we ordered these! 

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle! $13.80 


Matcha Pancakes! 

Surprisnly the Souffle came first so we just ate almost everything while waiting for the pancake. Like after probably 5mins later the pancake came! And it was like matcha heaven for people who love green tea. Im not really a fan of it in pastry, since I prefer just to drink the tea. Im not in the right position to say how good or bad it is. But it was really nice as it makes me want to try the other pancakes! It was really fluffy in the inside a bit crispy on the outside with the ice cream melting into the pancakes!

The Chocolate Souffle on the other hand WAS TO DIE FOR! IT WAS AWESOME IT WAS SO GOOD IT WAS ORGASMIC. Yea I love it that much! I only tried the lava cake and the matcha souffle at Hoshino but they don't have CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE so yea + point here!!! OH GOD! PLEASE GO AND TRY IF YOU LOVE CHOCOLATE AND LOVE SOUFFLE OR LOVE DESSERTS! but prepare to wait!!

Drinks is quite expensive here with their Coffee costing around $5+ for a cup and their Tea costing around $6+. If you are really love Matcha it will cost $7 for a Matcha Latte. Their pasta and rice range from $ 15 - $20 but their desserts range from $ 11 - $15+ So take note of your budget if you are coming here because it will cost you roughly around $30 altogether with someone! Unless if you are alone then well HAPPY EATING 8D!

Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction 
#02-14 (Outside BHG, is at their new wing) 
200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021 
Tel : 6837 0301 
11:30am - 10:00 pm Daily 


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