Histomer Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel

For those wondering which makeup removal I use, I'm here to do a review on it today! It is my favorite and I don't wish to change because is that good. I have been using this for almost 2 years already but there are some time I tried using others because of sponsor or gifts or I just didn't had the money to buy it. 
So Now I am working and I got money to get it I shall write a review! I posted about Histomer before but never really did a full review about it.

I got this from my aunt candy shop because she recommended me 2 years ago since my skin is really pale and sensitive. I can't really use a lot of products, like even Simple which is for sensitive skin however when I use their cleansing products, My face tend to get abit stiff and then dry. So I had to strike that brand off my list. I always trying to find good cleansing gel or makeup remover. Many say to try Bifesta! I did try their cleansing gel but it was not as good as Histomer as I needed to wash at least twice before it all comes out. 

And don't let me get started on wipes.. Because of my skin sensitivity I should avoid wipes at all cost. It not only irritate my skin, it doesn't clean as well and leave me with acne afterward. So no wipes!  

This is the Histomer Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel! Which is use for even removing makeup! 

So test run on makeup! Tried to use as many as i can to compare =X 

1. Sephora Cream Lip Stain 
2. LimeCrime Lipstick 
3. Candydoll Lip gloss 
4. Dollywink liquid eyeliner 
5. Garnier BB Roll on 
6. Pore Putty makeup base 
7. Dollywink Pencil eyeliner 
8. Dollywink eyeshadow

Try to test that water cannot remove all these makeup. 
If only it does T-T then we will all save money! 

Squeeze out some blue stuff! 

Going to use my new pore brush to scrub them off! 
My old one shedding real bad already after using it for months so I bought another one and is pink! 
with bigger surface area too! 

The lip stain really coloured my brush. everything came out really fast expect the dolly wink eyeliner. 
Usually those products and lipsticks/ lipgloss is better to use a eye makeup remover with oil base. 

Final wash off! 

CLEAN 8D expect for my brush. 

after putting some gel on it and washing it, this was the best I could clean it. after that I took some eye makeup remover and it was sparkling clean! 

For those who don't have a pore brush.  I did it again without using the brush this time. 

Squeeze and it came out bit more this time x-x


The makeup base and eyeshadow all came out really fast. 
The eyeliner and lipstick/lipgloss was stubborn! 

after rubbing with water, the liquid eyeliner came off but the pencil one was still intact. 
The lipstain and lipstick was the toughest. 

So in came the rescues of eyemakeup removal! 

Work like a charm XD 

There a mild flower smell and is really gentle on the skin thats why I love it. 
I really recommend those who have sensitive skin and couldn't find the right makeup removal to get this. 
After using this and then stopping for awhile, I really miss this product and keep telling myself that this gel cannot be beat is just too good for me. However the down side is that it is pricey. 

So far I only seen at my aunt candy shop and is going for $62 for one bottle. Is 200ml and can last me for around 4 - 5 months. Depending on how frequent you wear makeup. 

Happiness when you can get a clean face after washing off your makeup after a day! 
No more intensive rubbing off makeup which you need to do countless number of time. 

The place where you can get it is 
Candy Beauty and Art Gallery 
101 Upper Cross Street , People Park Center.
Singapore 058357 
Tel : 6438 0131
(Is the same place where Glitzy Finger is) 


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