Sorry for the delay in updates. Had a hard time trying to retrieve back my blogger account! I was using a hotmail account for my blogger and now they said it went missing. oh gosh... took a few days just to get it right. So I finally got it to work and I can blog again! Yay! 

Time to post about my Malaysia trip to go FMFA and CRAYCRAY! ( their term for crazy) 
Was waiting for this trip since last year after they announce that ASOT is with FMFA again!  YES GOING TO SEE ARMIN AGAIN XD and this time 2 more people are joining us, Alicia and Ethel! Yeah more people more fun more rave! So we went to star vista and took First coach because it will drop us right at our hotel! 

And best thing yet! WE HAVE THE WHOLE BUS TO OURSELVES! and one lady in the back. It was soo peaceful! 

The one hiccups we got was at the immigration center, when we saw almost 5 primary schools going into JB the same time as us with kids and we were like HOMG! FASTER LATER VERY LONG! and you can see the Malaysia immigration people because all sien because there are kids kids and more kids. more buses was unloading them. It was like never ending! 

I got to say this for my first First Coach experience. IT IS A VERY FAST BUS! We left singapore at around 8am and thought we will reach around 2pm but we reach roughly 12.45pm! It was super fast and there was 2 drivers so they take turn to drive. The second one after the toilet break was like speeding all the way so it was damn fast and also smooth XD! awesome ride! 

So the hotel that we booked for our stay was Empire Hotel! As Wayne help us to book it! Awesome thing about this hotel is that there is a shopping center below! So yay for food and shops nearby! We are also allow to go to fitness first platinum gym which had a pool for free!  

Even the toilet is nice! 

So it happened that it was a haze and drought period when we went so they were putting this up with free mask. Lucky the hotel still got water because our friends told us many areas are doing water ration now and all complaining there no water for them to shower. 

So we wanted to go eat steriod chicken first but when we reach there... IT WAS CLOSE!!!! 
Wayne told us is due to no water because the chicken rice near it WAS ALSO CLOSE!! 
Didn't take photro of the chicken and hotdogs because we were too hungry BUT HERE ARE WAFFLES, CURLY FRIES AND ROOT BEER FLOAT! who cares about the others when you have these 3! 

After that we went to rest for awhile and shop and then meet mahdi! To head over to the dinner area which is STEAMBOAT! I had craving for this steamboat for a year!! WHY SINGAPORE DON'T HAVE the same taste as this! The tom yum WAS SUPERB!!! 

Mahdi our tea 'lady' 

So we kept on ordering for almost 8 of us and the bill came out $177RM, thats like almost less the $10SGD per person! So cheap and so good! Sigh wish I can have it now! If you are wondering where it is, my friend brought us there but I shall put the address in case you all wanna go there!

Ketam Steamboat Seafood 
55, Jalan 11/62A, Bandar Manjalara
Kuala Lumpur, Kepong 52200
Tel : 03-6272 2286 

After that is drinking cray cray again at Beer Factory. I don't know how many time they brought us here already! 

They ordered this for us to share. And when I mean us is Me, Ethel and Vincent. Well end up only Ethel and me was drinking most of it. 

Using my hand to compare it. 

Next day we woke up early to go for our breakfast at the hotel! YAY HOTEL BREAKFAST MY FREAKING FAVORITE! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH THAT I WANT TO GO TO EVERY HOTEL TO TRY THEIR BREAKFAST! That shall be my aim for next year WAHAHA! 

The spread was really good and there was many choices, like Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indian , western, etc and it taste pretty awesome too not like those half fuck kind. There even was waffles and pancakes! HOMG HEAVEN! 

So Day 2 have arrived! and that means ASOT 650 IS HERE! Vincent kinda didn't want me to wear a half top kind so I wore this black shirt because it was cooling enough and my pink shorts. Since now with the haze, is even worst and so sweaty and sticky. 

While camwhoring this guy was just waiting for Mahdi to call. 

So how we went there is by A BIG BUS! LIKE A BOSS! Mahdi and his friends book a bus altogether so we chip in too and shared. Awesome way to go down to the venue because first there is jam so if we take cab it will be really expensive another thing is finding a cab after the event will probably kill us. 
But whats more awesome is that there is awesome people in the bus getting high and drinking beer before the event!! There was also vans with like 10+ people inside taking the same high way and another bus as big as us and we were all like holding our tickets and beers and waving at others! It was really damn cool seeing trance fans getting together!  

At the event area! It was like a giant pasar malam ( Night market) with people selling fake goods and cheap food and drinks! There were people trying to buy tickets and like shouting for friends. Even the gaint pink pony was shooting out vouchers! 

The annoying part was there was only one line for ladies but the guys had 3 lines to get in. The reason was there was only one female body checker but many males and they all didn't wanted to violate the girls so they say no you need to wait in line. aww! many actually tried telling them ' GO AHEAD TOUCH ME I DON'T CARE I WANNA GET IN' but they were humble and say sorry no. 

I would say that the event is really well plan with many activities and booths! It was shame that day 3 was cancelled!!! We was really looking forward to it, those damn drug doers should just go somewhere else! We didn't get to sit the ferries wheel and hot air balloon because of that =( Lucky we took the gaint slide and it was super awesome! 

Awesome booth LIKE PIZZA HUT And there was Burger king! 

At the main stage! 

The view before we went down the slide! One of the most awesome view ever for a trance event! 

ASOT ended up with a blast! What happened later was not that awesome due to some irresponsible people in the same bus as us whom they were Singaporeans as well and not really that close with our friends... They made us wait for almost 2 hours just because they ignored one of my friends telling them that the bus was at the location and totally leaving one of their drunk/high friend to die somewhere without even telling anyone. How can you party with such people? You call those friends? Those friends who left you aside when you are drunk, you're either a very bad or annoying person who they are just not your friends. Well ended up only one manage to find the bus and we gave up from the other 2. We were pretty embarrassed that they were from Singapore and we just say don't associate us with them! 

So next day, I have no idea how we could wake up but we did, had breakfast and even went swimming after that. Ethel was like super women man! So we went to fitness first and use their pool! Found their sauna and steam room and used it too! Typical Singaporean! The one thing I envy about Fitness first from Virgin active was THEY HAD SO MANY FREE DRINKS! HOMG!! SOO MANY! We have infused water and detox tea at Virgin active BUT HERE! THEY HAVE DISPENSE OF LIKE 100% + and H2O and other drinks. They even have like kettles for green tea, normal tea, nescafe coffee and alot more. LIKE WUT WOW! But nevermind I still prefer Virgin XD  

We went to Din Tai Fung after that because we have no idea where to eat and they were like saying HOMG SO CHEAP LETS GO! OK LETS GO! 

Came back to see Kapibara san in this state! And Vincent said, FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT RIGHT XD  Oh so I realize I forgotten to take picture of our room earlier! So her it is! The toilet and the bed! Pretty decent! There also a small area where the door is and the desk but I forgot to take that ._. sorry 

SO LIKE THIS! I was all ready to go to the 3RD DAY OF FMFA! then only to receive a called from Mahdi saying that he have bad news from us and told us it was cancelled WE WAS LIKE WUT? YOU SERIOUS BRO? NO KIDDING? WTF? and we went to cry in one corner. We were so sad we met up with the rest and they told us ok lets go to a cafe and chat while waiting for the others. Went to this coffee place which was really nice but didn't took photos because I didn't wanted to bring my camera and phone with me to the event. 

So after that we went to eat korean because we had no idea where to eat and Alicia got picked to choose and she was like KOREAN! ( those kpop fangirls XD) 
The Korean food was really awesome! The meat was really good and wow my friends really can order! Well blessing in disguise I guess, because FMFA was cancelled we got to eat this BUT WE DIDN'T GET TO HEAR MANY EDM DJs T-T 

Day 4 our so called have fun day / shopping day! 
Wayne picked us up from the hotel and we went to eat STEROID CHICKEN! Remember how we didn't eat on first day because it was closed since there no water? IS OPEN TODAY! WOOT! 
The queue was major long! Like those hello kitty queue at MacDonald kind! 
But we realize why was it long queue after we got our food! THE CHICKEN WAS REALLY GOOD! 
It reminds me of scissor curry rice but the chicken is really very good and juicy and tasty and homg drools! And if I remenber like this was really cheap like probably $3SGD 

After eating we went to Sunway pyramid because the girls wanted to shop, well ended up also not shopping because it was not as cheap as we thought it will be. But! I got to eat my favorite sweet potato ball! YES! So much better then Singapore because they are soo generous here! In singapore when you order they will give you only 3 balls.. 3 BALLS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 3 BALLS! GO AWAY MAN1 AND IS EXPENSIVE TOO! 

Compare this which is the normal one with no add on. THERE WAY MORE THEN 3 BALLS! 

argh Im having a craving now for those... but getting that in Singapore is just like throwing away your money. 

Vincent orded some royal lime jelly 

Alicia and Ethel ordered the special! 

Went back to the hotel to rest a bit and saw kapibara at the chair! well it looks comfortable.. 

SO COME TO DINNER! We were playing cards first before going dinner, BUT HOMG DINNER WAS AWESOME! I went here last year with Vincent and Wayne so I told them this year WE MUST GO BACK! Awesome place which I have no idea how to go... 

So we kinda ordered too much because we thought that Terry, Mahdi and Aaron was coming BUT ENDED UP ALL DEAD at home.  So we ordered the fish, fried egg with tofu and cauliflower, sweet pork, Prawn paste chicken and pork trotter BECAUSE MY FAVORITE HERBAL CHICKEN RAN OUT! AARGH!!!  

Up next was they wanted to go to Escape Room! Well I didn't go because Vincent say I will have nightmares.. well probably because of all my phobia and me cannot take horror stuff make me a chicken T-T Well ended up they failed too JUST BY A BIT! That was a sad part! They almost had it but ran out of time! Funny how Je was like WE WON YOU SUCKERS AND THEY TOOK THE HARDEST ROOM. Which was the Slaughterhouse, Oh god I can never go that one I will probably hide in one corner and not move. 

So they were hungry and went to go yam cha again... This time at a prata shop.. THESE MALAYSIAN REALLY CAN EAT! Ok so all the other food was normal! Who cares about it. BUT THIS! I NEED TO TAKE PHOTO OF THIS! THIS IS THE TISSUE PRATA!  5SGD! AND IS LIKE SUPER HUGE! LOOK AT IT! IS LIKE A TABLE LONG! And yea it can feed a lot of people! Freaking 5bucks for this! Homg I don't mind sharing this with all my friends for supper! 

After that they went drink (AGAIN) and we played Osama! Freaking dare game which is really fun and Im so going to play that game in singapore next time!  Basically the King card can dare 2 - 3 people who will pick a number card like 1 - 10 to do any sort of there! and yea these malaysian can think of the crazy stuff! Vincent couldn't take it because he is not really a drinker so Wayne and I brought him home around 2am. BUT THE REST FINISH AT 6AM! WTF! Cray cray until so early.. homg! I cannot keep up man!

Day 5! The day that we have to go home... NUUUU SO FAST!!! TIME FLIES!!! Well we skipped breakfast because we were too dead and the girls actually arrived back to the hotel at 8am because of the JAM... 2 HOURS IN THE JAM IS NO JOKE. 

Wayne called us up and say that he will bring us go eat CHICKEN RICE!! YEAH! 

Well in the mean time I was suppose to give Ethel a gift because of a game we had In our Ragnarok Online 2 Days! Wahaha she was the last one for the game and her gift was a red G-String! SEE GUYS! I FINALLY GIVE IT TO HER 8D! SO YES! I KEPT MY PROMISE! Wahaha her face when she got it! 

Back to chicken rice!!! Kar Heong chicken rice stall. 

Wayne ordered for us Hor Fan and when it came everyone was staring at it asking what was this. 
He was saying this is hor fan, what do you think. and we all just stared thinking is it meant to be a soup. XD 
But after one mouth, HOMG CANNOT STOP. IT WAS SO GOOD but salty.  
The chicken rice was really damn delicious too! It reminds me of the Katong shopping center chicken rice! 

Well a group photo before we go! We were really happy to meet all of you and new people too for this trip! 

Thank you so much Mahdi, Wayne, Aaron, Terry, Je, Junior, Jeff and etc! It was super fun and we had a lot of wonderful memories. I bet we gain a kg or 2 even. WE WILL BE BACK SOON TO HAVE MORE CRAY CRAY AND FOOD!!! <3 from="" lots="" love="" nbsp="" of="" p="" us="">


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