MoMoYa Japanese Restaurant!

Singaporeans love buffets that's what I feel! And what more we love Japanese buffet because there are so many of them now! I had a really bad experience with one last month! (Momiji) But when something bad happen got something good happen that I found one of the best places to go! Is a hidden gem and I will go there whenever I can now! 

The place name is called MOMOYA! Cute because it reminds me of my dog WAHAHHA! 
 Is an ala-cart buffet which means you order and then the food come so no left over food on the counter which you have no idea god know when it was there. All of them are made to order so is either hot or fresh! 

The place is located near Simpang bedok so is easy to get there by car and bus. For MRT, you need to walk or take a bus from Tanah Merah MRT. 

The awesome thing that we found out is that the price never change for weekend and weekday! 
So once you tell the waitress that you want the ala cart buffet, you can start by ordering stuff! 

Part of their menu! There is front and back so there is a lot to choose from! 

Firstly we order Chawanmushi and Jelly fish!

Chawanmushi taste really good as is steamed perfectly! 
and I love the jelly fish! Reminds me of those wedding kind XD! 

Sweet potato wrap! This was like a hidden dish to me! I wouldn't think that this would be so appetising and good but yes it was of their best and YOU MUST TRY THIS! 

When you go to a japanese buffet YOU MUST EAT SUSHI and SASHIMI! 
To know if is fresh and is good right? So yes! SALMON SASHIMI! 
Best that we tasted and it melts in your mouth! We order around 7 plates of this! 
Whats surprisingly is that sometime they gave us more when we order one plate! Almost like 2 servings ^^ 

Prawn Tempura 

Mentaiko pasta 

Salmon with Tuna this time! Vincent said that the tuna was really sweet and soo good!  

Katsu Curry because I really want to try it! 

Eel maki and tori karaage 

Ebi mayo! Buta Kakuni! Tonkatsu Tamago Toji! 

Believe me everything was good! and we were so satisfied after the end of the meal! 

So here my take which is the Items you must order! 

 Salmon / Tuna Sashimi
 Unagi Chiizu Temaki / Unakyuu Chiizu Maki
Ebi Mago Itame
 Ebi Tempura
 Satsumaimo Age
 Buta Kakuni
Tonkatsu Tamago Toji
Tebasaki Ponzu
Mentaiko Pasta 

We went twice already and this is what we will surely order. 
Some stuff to me that I feel that is just average was like their Age Dashi Tofu, Mabo Tofu, Miso Shiru, Tonjiru, Sake Teriyaki, Shiitake Yaki, Saba Shioyaki, Mekajiki Sushi. 

I have yet to try the rest so I will probably do next time and just add on to the list XD 
If you do go, go and try what you like! Because all I am giving is my taste so yours may be different! JUST GO AND EAT THE SALMON THOU PLEASE ORDER THAT! AND THE EBI MAYO! IF YOU DON'T ORDER THAT MOMO WILL CRY! 

Do note that their portion is small so that you can just keep ordering without being stop by big portions. 
They also will asked you how many pieces you want which is really considerate ^^! So that you don't order too much and waste food! Usually the Pan fried dish, Noodles, Rice dish and Japanese hot pot rice is fit for 2 or more people so is good if you go in a pair or a group! THEN YOU CAN SHARE! My take is that this place is awesome because of their food, service and price! Is one place that you shouldn't miss out! I have been recommending this place ever since I try it because is just worth to share!! So Im sharing with all of you now because GOOD THINGS SHOULD BE SHARED ^^!! Or else I shall keep it to myself and be selfish and EAT ALL THE SALMON! (=P nah Im not like that) 

MoMoYa Japanese Restaurant

No. 16 Jalan Pari Burong, Picardy Garden. 
Singapore 488682 

Tel : 6245 3303 

Lunch : 11.45am  - 2.30pm
Dinner : 6.00pm - 10.00pm 

Buffet pricing 
Lunch : Adult $31++ Child $18++
Dinner : Adult $35++ Child $20++ 


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