Second Year with Vincent!

Our Anniversary date is on the 29th of Feb so I guess is not really counted as 2 year.. but more like 1/2 since is 2 years away to the next 29th. Ah heck whatever! Don't care the date just carry on with life! Well 2 years already! almost 730 days together of my craziness and his lameness XD
Love you baby! Thank you for sticking with me thick and thin! I know what happened in our lives was not an easy one but we have each other and we shall stick together like super glue! wahahha!
Like you always say! No refunds, cannot change girlfriend anymore =P! And you cannot exchange Puteh and Momo too! It comes in a package!

Love all the memories we made together! and there is more yet to come! So many events and trips in planning! 

Fun and funny time too 8D! I just love our relationship because is so wacky! 
You don't mind doing stuff like this on you WAHAHA! 

and you are probably wacky yourself already =X

XDD! Love you because you are my sun and moon! 

It will be perfect if you will drop the hearthstone addiction =X! 
But I know that will never happen LOL! 


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