Unicorn and Paddle pop by Glitzy Fingers

As you know I blog about Glitzy Fingers for Gelish nails before! Which is here! Here a picture to refresh your minds of what she did! I did mention that she is really talented in nail art and after see her works day by day HOMG SHE IS GETTING BETTER! 

So I went back a few more times to do my nails again just that I didn't really blog about it. I did posted them on Instagram so if you have follow me you should have seen it XD Is really hard to get hold of her now because she getting really popular! She have appointment almost every time so I needed to book really advance just to do my nails! Like 1 month+ or else I will be left with those drop out appointment with funny timings. That's how busy she is! 

So these are the few that I did! This pink liz lisa inspired was like quite long ago but it was super lovely! 

I also did this for this year Chinese New Year! I was going for more paddle pop feel with pastel colours because I bought all my new outfit in those! Inspired by Okarie!! She did something like that and I fell in love with it so I show it to Belle and ask her to create something with her own twist! See how pretty she done it! 

So after I done this one It stayed on for really long like almost 2 months and I went to do another for just in time for my Malaysia trip! This time wanted to do a bit different and also asked her to do a unicorn for me! I saw her did a pinkie pie one and it was so cute and could't resist! I swear she really did the whole thing it was not pasted, that's why I say she is so talented! She recently took in more pastel colours to play with too and you can see the sparkle in my eyes!!

These are a few she done with others! THE PINKIE PIE

Alice in wonderland! 

Galaxy x Unicorn 

Little twin star! 

Hee I only pick what I like for this post XD! But you can see the rest of her work in her instagram and website! http://glitzyfingers.wordpress.com/. 
I really feel that for her service she charging a reasonable price because it is also gelish! Not your normal cheap nail polish which will crack in a week.  From what I know she is also take passion in her work, if anything happen after she did your nails or you are unhappy with the results she will apologies and help you fix it. Not like those kind who doesn't even bother with after service. 

Glitzy Fingers 

101 Upper Cross Street, People's Park Centre
#03-58, Candy Beauty and Art Gallery 
Singapore 058357
Belle - +65 8100 7353
Email : glitzyfingers@gmail.com
Nearest MRT - Chinatown MRT 



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