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Note: Please read the update on the bottom of this post! From 2017 

Been awhile since I last blogged, so sorry about that been really busy! 

I finally decided to blog about Drx and my skin care routine! Well the reason why I didn't wanted to at first was i wanted to give it the time to see my face was suitable for it and if the products really work or not. Glad to say it does 8D! 

I went to Drx since last year October and have been going back till now. ( well recetnly has been my 3rd visit =x) Previously I was using National skin centre products which is from the hospital and the products were usually Dalacin T gel and Floxia facial wash. Then I use Phyris and histomer products for my face. Well breakouts still appear and the scars was still bad as ever. Before I went to the clinic my skin was like that with alot of open pores and inflammation. 

After I went one month after the visit it looks like this 

A bit better but not quite there yet! Well at least is working XD

I found about Drx when I saw one of my friend who was miyo post on twitter that she have really clear and perfect skin! Well being a girl and wanting that kind of skin too I went to ask her where did she go. After much research and googling I went down and go for a consult! The doctor I got was Dr Cheah Chih May which they told me she was the newer one and didn't had a name card then. she was really sweet and detailed in what she do and I felt comfortable working with her!

By the 3rd visit she asked me to do a steroid jab for one of my keloid scars which was bothering me at my chin line area. IT LOOKs LIKE A GAINT BITE OR PIMPLE. Ugly! You can imagine the countless time I tried to burst it thinking is a pimple.. but no luck.

When you go for the visit prepare to spend quite a bit because is not cheap. It roughly cost me $300~ for these products. 

Set 1 of the products! Includes Foaming Cleanser, toner, Blemish formula, ABM which is anti blemish mask and a pimple cream. The max-c and Comedone formula was from last year which I still have some left. 

I got to admit that their cleanser and toner is great for sensitive skin! It doesn't leave you with a stiff face at all.

The blemish formula is a yellowish gel which smell really like a herb smell or a Chinese med. 
says to be use to control and reduce the occurrence of blemishes and break out! 
The one on the right is the pimple cream which I don't really know what it is but they gave me a really small bottle of it. It could be Dalacin T in secret D8! But is a pimple gel and it works. 

The anti- blemish mask! Which harden your face and turn you into a green monster and scare everyone in your family. Basically like every clay mask it does it parts in controlling the oil and hardening pimples! 

The 2 main of the products which need to use first after toner! Max-C and Comedone Formula. 
Max-c is an anti-oxidant for the face and comedone reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads! important products for the face!! 

The goes to the last one which is hydrator. I use this because of the dryness around my lip and nose. It is super moist and I love the smell of it =X! 

They also gave me supplements for my face. 

I also went to their hair department to see a trichologist for my dandruff =( Met with Dr peggy goh and she was shock to see my hair T-T! she said no dye-ing of hair for next 1 year. so sad!! need to make my hair healthy first! so I got these products from her. shampoo, Conditioner (not in photo sorry), Follicle defence for the scalp and serum VEGF (FOR GROWTH) 

awesome shampoo with awesome cooling effect!! I just love it soo much! Take away the itchiness and let your scalp heal. 

This is for when you have part of your scalp that is really itchy or dandruff and you just apply and wait for 15mins... OK 15MINs Is REALLY LONG! DAMN LONG! I usually just stone.. and just guess when the timing is up. Im usually a prune by then.

Fertilizer for the hair so said my Dr Peggy Goh herself XD wahaha! 
meant to enhance the growth of your hair! 

Recently I went back to get more shampoo... because i use it too fast. (damn) And then they introduce me to a new one. same brand but this shampoo I feel is slightly lighter then the first one. The cooling effect is not really strong, just a mild light one. I so prefer the last one I bought, shall buy the other one than this next time.

so taken in Feb after using their products for close to 5 months! 
Pardon me naked face XD! 
skin is much clearer and less red! YAY! but Dr may told me I should get rid of the side freckles because is uneven. Maybe one day...!  

thank you for reading this post with much spam of photos and my bare face! Now Im just using these products for my face daily and with their sunscreen. No outside products unless is paper mask that I want to pamper myself here and there and Pore strips. so far the result are showing and only a few pimples like 1 or 2 will come out when my period is coming. such hormones! much annoyed!  

Update 01/2017 : I'm not using DRx products or visiting their clinic any longer. It may be a good solution for some people. However, I found out after a while, my acne does come back in many forms of dots and I felt that I needed to see the doctor again. The doctor that I went told me that my face is perfectly fine and that I do not need to consult any more but just continue the buy the products from them. I felt a bit unsatisfied as I did used the product but after I stop taking the supplements, my acne just keep coming back in small waves. It is lesser than the previous time but it did come back. I also felt a bit unattended to because I'm not a sponsored blogger for them so they were a bit wishy washy as I came to DRx for my keloid scar and she was like nah, you don't need it. 

I have stopped using DRx Since 2015, and I felt that their product is way too pricey to be a regular customer. The one product that I probably love from them is the anti-blemish mask but the rest is pretty easy to find substitute in the market. If you feel that Drx products works for you, then go for it if you have the budget. As for me, Im currently using KCS medical as is much cheaper and my acne has been 98% gone. Im more happy with it and I may blog about it soon. 

Just a small note : Some people can't take their products, like my sister. Who see no changes when she tried it. 

I'm not a sponsored blogger for DRx, so this is my true honestly review about it. 


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