Les Merveilleuses, Laduree Cosmetics

The brand that I was eyeing on for really long but didn't got the chance to buy it. Only after my brother went to japan and I beg him to help me get some stuff from there! Thank you soo much!!! Laduree recently came to Singapore and open a macarons shop but not their cosmetics so it was sad but their macarons are divine!

so I finally have them but they are just tooo pretty I can't bare to use them. ( as always ) but no choice I better do before they rot. so here are my reviews for it! My bro brought me 1 pressed cheek colour, 1 cream cheek base, 1 glossy rouge and 1 matte rouge!

so up come the pressed cheek colour first!
which you buy it separately if you don't have the case.

The Pressed cheek colour case! Is so darn pretty! Comes with a mini blush brush which is underneath the cheek colour

and behold the cheek colour 02! nice shade of rosy pink! ahhh!! When put together with the case it looks like this and is now ready to use! I can't bare to use it because of the print but I will one day when Im desperate XD

Next up is the cream cheek base! Which is in a cute egg contain for easy use! somehow it reminds me of madoka egg. The colour is 04 one of the lightest pink they have!

When apply, the colour look somewhat like this. and then you spread it over and put some light pink blush!

I use it for this look which give a really light blush.

Lippies are next!!! How to differentiate is the heart on the top which is silver for glossy and pink for matte. such a beautiful casing which you just want to bring out and keep in your bag!

Not much different when you see it like this but only on application you can tell the different in matte and gloss. For the gloss i brought 03 which is a more reddish coral pink and for the matte i brought 06 which is almost the same colour but a bit darker. It also have a really nice smell of rose~

When apply, you can then tell the different between matte and gloss. shall take a photo soon of it on my lips to tell the difference!

taken from my instagram! Time to go do my work now byebye!! XD Hope to have more of Laduree cosmetics when time to come! Im already saving up for it!


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