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Had an meet up with Trishala and Cassie last week LIKE FINALLY!!! Miss those two girls but because of work we rarely meet up now! Well our friendship wont ever die thou! So after our dinner trish said she wanted to bring us to go eat ice cream at bedok at a place she saw but have yet to tried! 

It was called iScream! Ice cream U scream... We all scream for ice cream XD! 

If you are driving and on the road you can notice their iScream logo which is lighten up brightly making them stand out from the other stores. Thats when you know the shop is there! 

Just around the area of bedok 85 food heaven there is many ice cream stall and one of them is iScream. 

A bigger picture of their menu! Taken from their facebook 

( Waffle!!!My favorite!! ) 

Really homey feel with a hint of the modem world with their TV menus and ice cream show case! 
Can you believe it? This is a movable ice cream showcase fridge! Damn stupid of me x-x forgot to take a video! It spins around and there a paddle which you step on it to stop or move back slowly! Is so cool because is the first time seeing it XD 

They have the normal flavors and unique flavors and flavors which you can add alcohol with it. 
The one that caught our eye straight was Milo! 

Seems like this is their ice cream menu but I think they won't have every ice cream everyday. 
The day I went they didn't have cookie and cream =(( sadly!

We try their screaming waffles!! 
You also can self add toppings too! They put it in cute plant tins which is easily accessible! 

The device that rings like a crazy bitch when your food is ready! 

A bit of photo taking before the food come! 

The 3 of us! sadly mazin couldn't make it =( 


Vincent order a normal screaming waffle with salted caramel!! What he said is the waffle is nice and the salted caramel is just that. Nothing special but nothing bad too. Is just salted caramel ice cream. It was not HOLY FUCKING GOD IS SALTED AND IS CARAMEL ICE CREAM! Guess thats as good as it can be thou. I doubt you can make a even more FABULOUS salted caramel ice cream unless you have some special ingredient ^.- 

and we girls ordered the red velvet with cream cheese and topped off with Milo and vanilla bean ice cream!  
They recommended us to take the red velvet so we just say ok lets try it! 

Overall the waffle is good with the ice cream but still cannot beat my favorite waffle at gelare! The Milo ice cream was just like what we imagine being a childhood favorite since young. IS MILO! NOTHING GOES WRONG WITH MILO!! Correct? Correct!! And vanilla Bean! because it goes well with good old fashion vanilla. 

Anyway I feel I should really try their specialties which is the messy plate and social media plate! Since this is the only place you can get it! If you are around the area go and try it and tell me is it yay or nay!  


Bedok North Ave 4
Blk 89 #01-109 
Singapore 460089 
Tel : 6445 5739
Open Daily 12pm to 12 am 


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