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I just found this place not long ago on facebook and went down to try with Christy and I got to say this is one of the hidden gems that I found! 
I'm going to use some photos from their facebook because I didn't take their interior but just their food. I will update with my photos once I am there again! 
After months and weeks of stalking their facebook and seeing their food and dessert. I found the perfect timing to go down with Christy because she wanted to eat some dessert and this place came to my mind. 

Is cute how they always post on their facebook everyday saying good morning and they are open now. Showing like daily food menu, desserts and their coffee. The place is really decent, tuck away in a small corner of 100 AM. It looks like a quaint cafe with a really homey feel to it. 

Christy made a comment saying that their pictures on the menu or on their board looks really bad with the lighting and doesn't really look appealing. I got to agree with her that it looks pretty bad but good news is that the food doesn't! Well I rather the picture look bad and the food taste great then the opposite. 

We have yet to tried their main course yet because we are always going there for desserts. I do see many people who comes in eating their curry rice and hamburg steak, so im sure it is good! 

What I am most interested in is these!~ High tea sets with hot and cold desserts and cakes!!! YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO CAKES!!!! I haven't have the time to try their high tea yet because the timing I always go is after 7pm, but ONE DAY! I WILL! 

They have a variety of dessert but do be warn that sometimes those cakes and desserts are sold out or not available!  

So on to my photos =X which I took with my photo because I forgot to bring out my camera twice! 
The first time we went, we tried their souffle cheese cake and hot apple pie! Along with their dessert set which comes with a drink. 

I order the hot apple pie with the Okada blend and Christy had the souffle cheese cake with tea. 

The tea was pretty normal but the Okada Blend coffee was good! It was server with a cream instead of the usual creamer powder or milk. The cream is not that sweet but yet have milky taste which suit the coffee well. I got to say that I don't really drink black coffee or any coffee without flavoring. ( Like starbucks) However I wanted to try hoping it will taste like MOF free coffee from the membership. (no idea why I love that coffee) And to my surprise it was better than it! I totally love their coffee and doesn't mind going back for more!  

Cheese Cake - $6 
Add $4 for a drink to make it a set! 

On to the cheesecake and apple pie! The cheese cake is also normal, I won't say is the best cheese cake around but is decently good. For those who crave for cheesecake can be satisfied with this. 

The apple pie however is the best thing I tried since I don't know when! The moment it came I was amaze by is appearance. Doesn't looks like the best plated dish but it really look appetizing with the big scoop of ice cream and blue berry sauce all over. Since it is a hot dessert they did warn us that it will take awhile to cook and we didn't mind. Once we tried the first bite of the apple bite, both of us were in heaven. The apple inside mix with the crust of the apple pie which was flaky but yet chewy. Eat it together with the blue berry sauce and ice cream and you got a perfect harmony! I got to say, this dish is a must try if you love apple pie. 

Apple Pie - $9 

After a really awesome dessert we had the other day we decided to come down again to try their other desserts! Christy ordered the Maccha cake and Ice coffee with ice cream and jelly while I ordered the apple french toast with ice cream and my favorite okada blend. 

I cannot really say much about Maccha cakes because I'm not a big fan of green tea pastry. I would need vincent to tell me that because he loves them. The cake was really nice to me since it was bitter yet sweet due to the layer of red bean paste in the middle. A cake I feel that came out of yumeiro patissiere anime. 

Maccha Cake - $6 
Okada Blend coffee - $6
Coffee jelly in Cafe Latte - $6.50 

When I went the other time, I asked the staff if they got this dish but they turn me down saying they didn't have it that day. I was really sad so I took the apple pie instead. This time the pastry chef was here and he told me if I can wait for 10mins he will make for me! I gladly say yes and wait patiently for it! When you re talking to your friend, time passes really fast XD  

He came out with the french toast in a baked rice plate and say enjoy. Boy.. Did I enjoy this dish. It was amazing! Ice cream on the right, fresh cream on the left, with french toast, mash apples, pie crust all in one plate. Is like apple pie + french toast + cream in bite size pieces. I didn't regret ordering this!!! I tried the french toast at Hoshino coffee and Miam Miam both really good. But the day I tried this, it just topped the charts. Maybe it was because of the apple? or the crust with the toast and the ice cream? I really don't know but I know that it was delicious! This luscious apple french toast is something to shout about and it cost $6!

The others is more gooey, chewy and soft, these are more bite size pieces with flaky pie crust and chewy toast. That's the comparison which nailed it for me!

Apple french toast with ice cream - $6 

I am definitely going back to try more of their desserts and main course because this place just keep on surprising me! I can't wait to find what's my next favorite dish is that will make me crave for more! 

100 AM, 
100 Tras Street 
(It is really near Tanjong Pagar MRT and Amara Hotel.) 

Tel : 6543 6028 

Daily 10.30am - 10.00pm 


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