Pslove - Your period care package!

your period care package for a happier you! 

stumble across this website from Facebook and I give it a click! After reading what pslove was about I immediately fell in love with the idea! 
since when does a girl like period? the blood.. the pain.. the mood...the convenient.. almost everything is bad about it but we have no choice but to live with it! Usually we find ways to cheer ourselves up when we have period. Like for me I will roll in bed moaning in pain and saying my life sucks because of the cramps after popping 2 pink pills. or try to make myself better by nomming on my boyfriend arm asking if he loves me the whole time. 

We have to live with it =( we have to live with this thing almost every month even! so i decided to try pslove for my next period to see does it really change my mood and myself to have a happier me. 

Oh! They also put up a special link for boyfriends to give to their girlfriends! such a wonderful idea right! which is at !! because for guys to prevent pms abuse! I hinted Vincent for quite a while to ask him to get it for me and to my surprise he really did! ( ok I treated him dinner after that XD) but I wanted to see the special message that your guy will sent to you! other then that I think everything is pretty much the same! 

and so the package arrived! For the first time we ordered. we asked if they can sent like the next day because of the period timing. I was not really sure when it will come and it usually varies from 3 - 5 days. and they were so sweet to delivery it the next day with a smile!! Really love their commitment and customer service. The box came with a heart and taped on tightly! 


Is time to open it! Is like opening a bellabox or blackbox to me, like a surprise!

warped with pink paper. so thats how the pink heart get is colour. I thought it was some fabric stuck on it. 

AND Goodies!!! 

the sweet message that I pester vincent for it! hee!! love the message Vin! 
and the message from pslove below! I gave him more hugs after that haha!! 

so what is really in the package? All these 
Heat Packs
Little snacks 
Herb tea
eye mask 
and pads! 

Is like saying... For you to indulge in this period of time when you are uncomfortable! These chocolates and treats will make your day better 8D! 

Underneath all those treats was the pads!! You can choose up till 15 pad and mix and match up to 3 types! 
Is really good if you want to try different brands and different size so that next time you know what if your preference! 

The labeling of the pads!! This is really sweet of them to go the extra mile and not just dump all in one and let you search for it. 

Im not sure if you can change the brand of the pantyliner but Im going to ask for my next one and shall update! 

pasted on little sticker hearts for labeling to tell which is which! 

and when you remove everything a little sweet note! 

Goodbye Period. 
Hello Freedom!! :) 

Made me smile! 

The one did we choose was complete happiness if you are buying yourself or else is the special for the one if your boyfriend is buying for you! 

The guys one is just too cute 


Hey bro, we've been there.
Every month.
When her period comes,
it can be difficult. For both of you.
Some say it's nature, 
some say it's hormones,
some say it's "bo bian".
We say it's an opportunity
to show her that you care.
For all the guys out there who every time get pms abuse, you may reconsider this to have a little ammo on your side when your girl is having her period. well since my one did and he is happier now because i didn't really bother him! 

so for $19 you can get all these and 15 pads that will surely last you for your period. In fact I still got leftovers! The heat pads are wonderful and the sweet treats will boost your mood! and overall when you receive it, you will feel happier already! 

Thank you Pslove!! for creating such an item that make something for dreadful and annoying into something more pleasant and comfortable! 


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