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There a new cosmetic brand in town and is by the famous model Lena Fujii who is well known to be the face of ViVi. So my take is that this brand is going to be really great if she is the one endorsing it.

Thanks to the people at M.O.S.S for letting me try out some of the cosmetics which I was so eyeing for in Watson! 

So a bit of the background = LB symbolizes LadyBird! Which the European Culture beliefs that ladybird brings blessing and luck. Usually when a ladybird lands on you, it symbolizes "Happiness, dream comes true". Which brings to the slogan of LB : A Dream Comes True, bringing Happiness by the magical touch of LB cosmetics and debut the true beauty within you. 

You can check out the singapore facebook page here. You will never know when there a special offer or new items coming out! 

I got to try 3 of LB cosmetic including the top seller Creamy waterproof gel pencil! 

From top to bottom 

LB Creamy Waterproof Gel Pencil in Pearl Choco 

LB Glamorous Dual Gloss in Peach Punch / Snow Peach 

LB Dual Concealer in Light Ocre 

Starting off with the Top seller which won Cosme net last year! 

The LB Creamy Waterproof Gel Pencil in Pearly Choco ($16.90)

LB クリーミーWPジェルペンシル  パールチョコ

The Gel Pencil is creamy enough that it slides on to your eye easily, but not that soft untill it loses its form and every thing does messy. The colour is really intense and I didn't need to go over it to make it darker. 

And is damn right waterproof. Tried removing it with hot water and soap and it doesn't even budge! Til I use my oil base eye markup removal and it came out easily. 

Had it on for half a day and is still intact perfectly!  

It also comes in Khaki, Black, Beige, Purple and Navy 

LB クリーミーWPジェルペンシル  ジェットブラック
LB クリーミーWPジェルペンシル  ベージュシャイン
LB クリーミーWPジェルペンシル  シャイニーパープル
LB クリーミーWPジェルペンシル  ショーイーネイビー

Up next,  LB Glamorous Dual gloss in peach punch and snow peach! ($16.90)

LB グラマラスデュアルグロス  ピーチパンチ/スノーピーチ

When I first saw this, I fell in love with the colour, I guess because is so sweet and it looks like the one I already have. So comparing with all the other ones I used. This is lighter and not as sticky as the rest. The colour is not as creamy but gives a much nicer gloss. If you do not like thick lipgloss which some brands are REALLY THICK, then get this one! 

There is also Party Red and Pearl Clear, Candy pink and Pink Sherbet , Sugar Beige and Cinnamon Beige. 

LB グラマラスデュアルグロス  パーティーレッド/パールクリア
LB グラマラスデュアルグロス  キャンディーピンク/ピンクシャーベット
LB グラマラスデュアルグロス  シュガーベージュ/シナモンベージュ

Lastly the LB Dual Concealer in Light Ocre  ($21.90) 

Light Ocre which is more for my skin tone. Which I was really excited to try! 

LB デュアルコンシーラー  ライトオークル

Liquid concealer on one end. 

Stick concealer on the other! 

I couldn't wait to try it so here I am trying on one eye and comparing it with the other. 

Comparing on eye to the other and how well it concealer my dark eye circle =X 

Useful for bringing it out on your makeup pouch because is not like a compact powder. I find this concealer really great in covering my dark eye circle and other blemishes. It doesn't feel thick and heavy yet it covers just as well. It has a non-greasy texture that glides on the under eye or face, it is also really easy to blend with your fingers or a concealer brush.  

It also come in Nature colour 

LB デュアルコンシーラー  ナチュラルオークル

Trying all out on my hand.  

Loving LB cosmetics so far and will love to try out their lipsticks, eyeshadows and others soon! 

Here the website to LB cosmetics but is all in Japanese. 
Hopefully there a English version coming out soon! So in the mean time I'm just going to follow the facebook page XD 

See ya all!~ 


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