LEADs by UBS Day 1

Been wanting to post this for really long already but been dragging due to work and other stuff. So finally I shall blog about the LEADs course that I went for a week which my parents sent me! 
Is by UBS and I heard that my sister went for hers last year so is my turn this time. Well I have no idea what to expect but all I know they told me is that there are going to be people around my age which are attending. 

For one whole week, the course starts at 9am and ends at around 6pm. Meaning.. FOOD ARE PROVIDED wahaha! Im such a greedy pig =x

(All photos rights reserved to the photographer in charge : Christopher


Funny thing is that no one really touched the food because everyone was so shy. But the food was really great and tasty! Should have taken more! 

The 3 girls~~ 

The only person that I probably know? but no really was Roymond. Who is Darren's Cousin. 
We made friends immediately with the two cute people be hide namely Wei Ting and Zhen Yang XD 

Pretty girl 8D 

And thus it started! 

Introduction first about the company. 

and then a bit more in dept on what we are going to learn 

We had to take a test for DiSC too! 


The 4 of us became a group! 

after that it was ice breaker game time which was fun! Going around asking people about the question and getting to know them better 

and then it was Charades!! 

Lastly it was a group performance skit. We got a farming skit which was supposed to promote a watermelon that cures cancer. LOL  

So everything ended around 6pm+ which then it was time for dinner. On the first day, dinner was provided at another location. So we either drove there or took a bus. 

The people in charge of us! 

Day one ended up really fun as I met a lot of new people which Im still trying to remember who is who and their names. So many of them are from different part of the world and many are studying aboard which was soooo coool! Funny thing that the 4 of us are all based in Singapore. Which is a good thing because is easier to meet up! 

Shall post Day 2 Next  


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