Puteh Birthday cake from FURRIFIC!!

Last month on September the 11 it was PUTEH BIRTHDAY! YAY! And she is 12 years old.
She is already 12! cannot believe it, she was with me for my whole teenage life!

Decided to buy a birthday cake for her for her birthday since she rarely have it and we have been feeding her a strict diet of dog food from the vet. Here a treat once in a while! 

I found Furrific on instagram while looking at shih tzu photos and was really interested in their goodies but always forgot to order XD. So when Puteh birthday was approach I thought it will be awesome to get a homemade cake for her! (or else it will be from the doggie shop at vivo, thought I shall support online individuals instead!*)

Furrific had a range of cute apparels and doogie treats! They even gave me some free samples of cookies before that and my doggies LOVE IT. They keep begging me for more! So I ordered a cake from them and they told me it will be a meaty healthy cake!

So they didn't had such request before only cupcakes but they took up the challenge and it was really amazing! They now have it on their website which is called MEATY CAKE! 
Which you can see all the ingredients which they use to make it. No Salt or artificial stuff. 

We converse with phone messages and she was telling me what the cake was going to be made off and how big the size is. There even an option of Beef and Pork. Dogs have good life these days! 
I told her I was fine with anything as these is my first time buying a cake for them. 
She was really polite and friendly, had fun discussing about the cake with her! 

So I went to pick it up at the location and got ready for puteh birthday! 

Tadah!! The cake from Furrific 

 Then come photo taking of Puteh which my mom and I was trying to take a good shot.

Once I open I see the beautiful cake for Puteh! The cookies even has Puteh name on it. Almost looks too good to eat.  The "icing" was even made out of potato and carrots! 

I placed it a distance away due to me being scared puteh will have it in one bite. 

Puteh being very very very puzzled why Is there a cake infront of her. 

Obviously Puteh can't blow out the candle so we did it for her and we cut the cake to take a look in the inside. LOOK AT THE MEAT!  

The portion looks small but it can feed Puteh and Momo with two pieces each. 

So I presented the cake to Puteh and said happy birthday. She straight away went for the cookie of the top which I guess is the most appealing to her. 

When presenting the cake to momo.  She was really curious and couldn't stay still

I have to say that momo disadvantage of being flat face make it really funny when she is eating. 

She just started to lick every icing she can find first and then processed in take a BIG BITE out of the meat. 

Here is some proof XD HAHAHA! 

Messy Eater Momo 

After Puteh is done she is in this state. I guess she really wanted more! 

Thank you once again to Furrific for the wonderful cake and my request! Is was really wonderful and Im sure my doggies love it too! 

You can check out their website at http://www.furrific-sg.com/


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