Colosseum gathering!

I was working for Colosseum for a while since they were under staff. And it was one of the most fun jobs I had because of the people! I help out at GE3 and their events and I can say that it was so fun! Being a gamer makes me want to just stick around with all this people and have fun with them. 
Our Boss wanted to give us a proper thanks and he invited all of us over to his place to have a gathering. It was supposed to be a bbq but the pit was really far from the room so I didn't take much photos of it. 

I kinda dress too much for it but hey that is just me XD! I thought Pris will also dress up but she ended up wearing her NAVI shirt! 

The whole part timer full timer gang! Which we all work hard and play hard! Looks like there is more girls than guys. Funny how that is in a gaming shop. 
You are looking at all the gamers here because we all play games, any sort.  Even all the girls play games so you can't say there is no such thing as gamer girls! 
*I can say that some girls are even better than boys* 

Brunch of fun loving people who shouts GG! 

It was never a dull experience as all of them have their own uniqueness. It was really fun getting to know them and all of them was really friendly! 

With such a fun loving bunch, no wonder my work becomes play. 

Love you all from Colosseum! Thank you for giving me such a awesome experience when I was there, talking all sorts of stuff and playing! May we all come together again and hang out! 


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