SOBA-TEN Japanese Restaurant (Updated)

Updated 2017 : This place has closed down and Im not sure where isit now :( 

One fine day when I was follow vincent to cut his hair at town. He brought me to this really ulu shopping center called orchard plaza. Which really look run down compared to the malls next to it like 313 and Orchard Central. So after he cut his hair at Vetica. We were making our way to go have dinner. So usually I will suggest to go to the gyoza raman place at cuppage. 

When we were walking over to cuppage plaza, We found this small store at the corner which says SOBA-TEN. It looks new and interesting as we never see it before. So I went to took a menu and we decided to give it a try. Who knows it may be good right? 


It was really small inside and probably can sit like less than 20 people inside. However it looks really welcoming. The waitress who is name Joy welcome us in and let us sit where ever we like. There were a few people inside already so we decided to sit at the counter.  

So for our first visit, we didn't know what to try. They recommended us the udon/soba with tempura. So vincent ordered that and I saw ochazuke ($4, They took this off the menu ) in the menu and I ordered it! I just love ochazuke because is like porridge! The chef was like shock and warn me in Japaneses that is sour and is not what I thought it will be. Being cautious he was trying to say that don't order the wrong thing. Joy was translating it for us and I told her is ok! Just to give it a try! If I don't like it I will give it to my boyfriend HAHA! Which I pointed to Vincent and they laugh and nod their head!  

If you are not sure what is Ochazuke is a simple Japanese dish which is made by pouring either green tea or dashi stock over hot rice. And then you add the toppings!  

So my ochazuke came and I was really delighted! Looks good! If only there was salmon flakes it will be perfect. So I gave the umeboshi (Pickled plums) to Vincent and started to immerse in my ochazuke. Which was really good as the stock was really flavorful 

Then came Vincent hot Udon with Tempura ($14) and he just took a whiff of it and dig in. 
Before I knew it he was devouring everything and didn't wanted to share. I manage to get one mouth and then I understood WHY he didn't want to share. IT WAS HEAVENLY! 
The udon with thin yet chewy and mix with the soup based it was just divine. 
The prawn tempura was cook to perfection with the right crunch and crispiness 

We also ordered tori karaage ($8) for my ochazuke because it was only rice. The chicken took longer than the rest to cook because they only on their fryer when you order and then pour in fresh oil into it. Sitting in the counter has it perks because you can see how they cook. We saw how they were waiting for the chicken to cook and the chef took out one just to check by cutting it and putting it back because he feel it was not ready. It was all done so harmoniously that it looks like a musical.  

When it arrives, we were just taking our time and enjoying the smell of it. The crispiness together with the batter they mix and the lemon put us into a state that we just wanted more! You can even tell when you eat the chicken that the chef really cook it precise. 

So that ended our first visit with Soba-ten and I told Joy this won't be the last time you will see us. We will definitely come back! 

So the next day we had a double date with Desmond and ruby and I told them about this wonderful place that we found. Since we watch movie at Plaza singapura, they said lets go and try and we were like WHY NOT? LETS GO! Because I can't wait to try their soba this time. 

When we arrived we decided to sit at the back this time. Joy welcome me again with a big smile and was You came back! 

I told that what we order before and told them to try the tempura and tori karaage. So they went to try that and I went to order Hot soba with Kitsune [sweet beancurd]  ($10), Vincent ordered Hot Udon with Tamago [raw egg] ($9) , Ruby ordered Hot Udon with Kitsune ($10) and Desmond ordered hot udon with Prawn tempura ($14)  

So up first Hot soba with Kitsune and Hot Udon with Kitsune. 
I would say both is just as good. It only comes down to which one you prefer. 
The udon or the soba. 

Vincent Hot udon with tamago came and I was a bit puzzled thinking how it will taste like. 
Surprisingly with the raw egg the whole soup based changed into a much flavorful milky broth.

And the lastest Desmond Hot udon with tempura. 

I also ordered a mini potato salad ($4) to try as it was just so tempting. 
I just need to say that this i the best potato salad I tried. The ones I tried like in hotel and other restaurant can't match up to this because it was so smooth and tasty. Which what ruby said that it tasted like ice cream! 

One of the other dish we also tried was the appetizer in kyoto style.which was random every day and they will place it on the counter. So every day is different and I got this dish which was something like oden. 
But even for such a small dish like this, that I fell in love even more with this store. You need to try it for yourself and tell me how it is because is just too good. 

(Update from 15 Nov because they change a bit of their menu!) 
Right now they don't have the appetizers in kyoto style anymore but they put like tamagoyaki ($4) as a dish which you can order anytime! 

I went back and tried the cold udon ($8) too! I order the normal cold udon as all my friend was ordering Cold soba. One thing I will say is that the dipping sauce that they use is really different from the one I tried. It is a bit more saltier? Well you try and they you judge! 

I also order Tempura Moriawase ($14) for my side as Temp was like saying why not order the one with have EVERYTHIING in it! And we both did. It includes stuff like prawns, Sweet poatato, Egg plant and lady finger. 

So I have no much photo to put up anymore but I can say this. Every friend I told about soba-ten have been telling me it was great and awesome. I even told void and adam and they told me they have been going back because is so good! 

I am sharing what I found because good things must share! One fact that I found out that it only open around like a month ago so not many people knows yet. 

I also recently found out that they change their operation timing. So currently this is the operation timing. It seems that they took out the lunch period and became like a dinner and supper only dining time. So please take note about that and here the information about Soba-ten. ( I mange to take a photo! and found their facebook ! ) 

SOBA-TEN Japanese restaurant. 
150 Orchard Road, #01-18 Orchard Plaza.  
Singapore 238841
Tel : 6235 3500 
Monday - Wednesday : 6.30pm - 12.30am 
Thursday - Saturday : 6.30pm - 1.30am 
Sunday : Closed (for now? it didn't show)


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