Gyaru makeup transformation

I don't really find my makeup skills is that good yet As I still not really good with my eye brows and other styles. However I just wanted to post how I usually look and when I get into my Gyaru look. I just bought this really pretty purple wig and I can't help but to try it on! So this is my makeup transformation from naked face to gyaru face! 

Honestly, Im not really scared on posting my naked face because I don't always put makeup when I go out. In fact I don't usually put makeup when I go to office too. I look really nerdy with my glasses trying to hide my eye bags! 

And this is the final product with some angle. 

Change into something more floral and wearing my new sunflower necklace! 

Pointo =  
I used eyemazing Sweet Ribbon for the eyelash! 

and this is the close up for the sunflower necklace! 

Makeup that I use for this look includes~

  • Kimchi Bambi Green Contact Lens 
  • DRx Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ 
  • Jane Iredale Purepressed base mineral foundation
  • LB Dual Concealer in Light Ocre 
  • Garnier Roll on Concealer 
  • Brandless white cream highlight 
  • Diamond Blush 01 
  • Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK 1 
  • Melliesh 06 Highlight 
  • Brigitte Cream Shimmering eye WH1 
  • Brigitte Pure Cats eye shadow Sparkling Lime 
  • LB Creamy waterproof Gel pencil in pearl choco 
  • Dollywink liquid eyeliner 
  • Eyemazing Sweet Ribbon eyelash 
  • Brigitte Glamorous volume mascara 
  • Brigitte Eyebrow Duo BR-2 
  • Kate 3D Eye Create 
  • Estee Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette , Vintage Lavender and Candy Cube 
  • Candy Doll Pink Grapefruit 
  • LB Glamorous Dual Gloss in Peach punch & Snow peach
  • 24hr Cosme Rich moist Mist. 
So this is the whole make up list that I used, Even if it just a small part I still did use it! Been so long since I did such post and it feels really fun to do it again! I hope you enjoy it and got some use for your own makeup look next time! Cheers~


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