Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kansai Lolita meet at Byōdō-in

Thanks once again to Li ping for inviting me to the lolita meet with the kansai lolitas~ 
it was really fun to meet new people and all dress in such pretty loli!! I have been out of the fashion for quite a bit and there is just so many new prints! I wore my pink lolita which I bought second hand in singapore. Didn't state the brand so Im not sure what is it. but it is soo cute!! love sweet prints. 
Sadly I didn't bring my curler to Japan so my fringe is overgrown T-T! 

The meet was at Uji which it was said to be the land of matcha! I am so going to bring Vincent there when he comes in September. We also went to Byōdō-in which is the temple that is on the 10yen coin. It was really crowded and the weather was getting warm. I haven't been excising a bit too since I came to Japan. So I almost died half way in my heels X-X! 

The place itself was really beautiful and it is around 500 yen entrance fee. Many flowers were bloom and you can tell that spring was here. Sadly there were no cherry blossom 

 The girls~ Look at their pretty coods! 

The two phoenix 

Thanks again grace for my Outfit of the day shot XD 

Really glad to have went to this meet~ Thanks for having me and so sorry I had to leave half way!! Oh well needed to do homework after all. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Sakura in April

My very first 花見 (Hanami, Flower watching) experience happened this year! Every time I take a look at the sakuras, I keep telling myself is good to be alive~ I am so glad that came for the spring intake and it feels just like in the anime and dramas where you have you enter your school life with cherry blossoms everywhere. 

However the sakuras last for only a short period of time because it kept on raining which make the petals fall off quicker. Pretty sad... I also didn't had time to do a hanami picnic. Shall try my best and do it next year with my friends! 

As there is many different types of sakura, it was really nice to go up close to them and see which breed are they. You can tell many of the trees were at the kamo river.  Which was really pretty to just ride along the river side and see all the trees in a row. That feeling was soo nice with cold breeze blowing against your skin and the sun shining brightly! Ah~ Spring was here. 

Here are some pictures I took of the cherry blossoms. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!~ 

Liping and I also stop by a nearby temple and spot many beautiful cherry blossoms. The scene of the flower with the temple and building be hide make it really a perfect picture of Japan.  It was really fun going around and hunting for them, if only my parents didn't had to leave so soon. My mom would have love it! 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Back to being a student once again.

My officially a student once again taking my degree in Doshisha University! Took a giant step by telling my parents that I want to study and get a degree. I didn't want to study in Singapore too as I have been there in my entire life so I decided to try my luck at Doshisha and here I am now! 
I school life in Japan has begun!~ *Anime/drama background scene* 

Orientation was fun as I get to meet so many people from all around Japan and the world! But.. everyone is soo young. Such a nice feeling being young. I'm like one of the oldest around. 
We had lots of laugh and fun during the welcome party and had to play weird games during orientation. 

A few days later after the orientation we had our convocation ceremony where we will get our student ID! The professors told us to wear formal but many of us didn't bring from home! Ah this was the most formal outfit I could get with my  pastel blue blazer. 

ILA Spring intake 2015! "The Class" with the professors.
As you can see, you can tell who is from Japan and who is not XD 

School was packed with circle aka Clubs and everyone was recruiting! This was the first time I experience something like this as Singapore is really dull or boring. The students here will go all out to recruit and talk to people with colorful boards and signs. Not to mention the circles gathering which they will go to a nearby place and chat. 

My first week in school was super hectic as there were still many paperwork to be done nevertheless I'm so glad that I'm here! 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Card Captor Sakura 20th Anniversary at Osaka

The card Captor Sakura 20th Anniversary was held at Osaka Daimaru from 3/21 - 3/29 this year. Liping was like asking me if I want to go so I agreed and went to osaka! I didn't buy the pre ticket first so I got a normal entry ticket when I was there. 

No photography and video taking was allowed in the event hall so I'm sorry I couldn't take any pictures of the event. These were the only photos I manage to took. 

The event is basically just showering all the art work of CCS and also the new one that was just release. There was also the anime section and they were showing how they story board it and creating the character. There was also showing merchandise from the past and which was the really popular one! It was like a blast back to the past! 

This is the poster for a preorder for the actual size Sakura wand! IS THE ACTUAL SIZE! 1/1! Couldn't believe it! 

My loot for the day was A4 folder, random badges , nail art stickers and a note pad! 
So many items were already sold out like the hoodies, plates and tea cups! Really wanted the plate thou. There were posters, keychains, handphone covers and many more stuff however I couldn't spend that much.