Tokyo trip in Jan 2015

Really sudden trip to Japan because my parents wanted to meet their friends and I needed to do my school paperwork. So a trip to Japan! Finally after 14 years of wanting to come back I am finally back here again!! Didn't really take much photos but here is what happened. I also havent finish taking pictures of my hauls! Shall post in another post.  

Had really good BBQ seafood for our first meal!

Went to Harjuku with Zander and went to eat at Mee Pancakes! 

FINALLY GOT MY LIZ LISA LUCKY PACK that I wanted it for really long time! The last one in Shibuya and I just snatch it away! 

Went to Harajuku street for more shopping~ 

Had one of the BEST soba I ever eaten in my life, Thanks to Daphne friend for bringing us there! 


And this got to be one of the most deliouse dessert. It was cheesecake ice cream with Creme Brulee, It was too good! 

Shall post about Hokkaido soon! 


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