Preparing for the day I move to Japan!

Right now, I am still trying to pack my bags and thinking what to bring over to Japan! I so hype up about it that I can hardly sleep at night thinking about what I am going to do in school and overseas. This is just so new to me and Im so looking forward to the new experience.

Many of my best friends have already been studying overseas and they always tell me such wonderful stories about how they found themselves, get to meet so many people and have such an awesome experience. After many years of dreaming that I wanted to experience that too I finally take the step and making it happen! I will never ever regret this decision even if it means going to be away from people I love and I will miss them dearly. This experience is once in a life time and I shall not let it get away.

To all my friends that have been really supportive and encouraging me, Thank you so much!! Love you all to bits, I will miss you all and of course we will meet again! To my wonderful boyfriend, Vincent. Thank you for being there for me and understanding why I want to do this. Is not the end for us but a brand new beginning in this long distance relationship. I know with miles apart our love will still be the same with sweet, cakes and kapibaras.

Well, so far I pack already one luggage which I have a feeling is overweight. I better figure out something as I only can bring 3 luggage and Im not even half way there. Realize that I have so much clothes I want to bring because I don't wear them in Singapore. Singapore is just far too hot for all these pretty clothes. and people usually judge you wear lolita, gyaru and fairy kei. I so going to let lose my inner fashion girl in Japan and wear whatever I want to wear to my heart consent. Keep a look out as Im so going to post OOTD and LOTD when I have the time!

Now is time to back to packing and figure out what else I need. From the look of it, I have a lot of clothes which is too small for me and Im going to give them away.


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