Back to being a student once again.

My officially a student once again taking my degree in Doshisha University! Took a giant step by telling my parents that I want to study and get a degree. I didn't want to study in Singapore too as I have been there in my entire life so I decided to try my luck at Doshisha and here I am now! 
I school life in Japan has begun!~ *Anime/drama background scene* 

Orientation was fun as I get to meet so many people from all around Japan and the world! But.. everyone is soo young. Such a nice feeling being young. I'm like one of the oldest around. 
We had lots of laugh and fun during the welcome party and had to play weird games during orientation. 

A few days later after the orientation we had our convocation ceremony where we will get our student ID! The professors told us to wear formal but many of us didn't bring from home! Ah this was the most formal outfit I could get with my  pastel blue blazer. 

ILA Spring intake 2015! "The Class" with the professors.
As you can see, you can tell who is from Japan and who is not XD 

School was packed with circle aka Clubs and everyone was recruiting! This was the first time I experience something like this as Singapore is really dull or boring. The students here will go all out to recruit and talk to people with colorful boards and signs. Not to mention the circles gathering which they will go to a nearby place and chat. 

My first week in school was super hectic as there were still many paperwork to be done nevertheless I'm so glad that I'm here! 


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