Card Captor Sakura 20th Anniversary at Osaka

The card Captor Sakura 20th Anniversary was held at Osaka Daimaru from 3/21 - 3/29 this year. Liping was like asking me if I want to go so I agreed and went to osaka! I didn't buy the pre ticket first so I got a normal entry ticket when I was there. 

No photography and video taking was allowed in the event hall so I'm sorry I couldn't take any pictures of the event. These were the only photos I manage to took. 

The event is basically just showering all the art work of CCS and also the new one that was just release. There was also the anime section and they were showing how they story board it and creating the character. There was also showing merchandise from the past and which was the really popular one! It was like a blast back to the past! 

This is the poster for a preorder for the actual size Sakura wand! IS THE ACTUAL SIZE! 1/1! Couldn't believe it! 

My loot for the day was A4 folder, random badges , nail art stickers and a note pad! 
So many items were already sold out like the hoodies, plates and tea cups! Really wanted the plate thou. There were posters, keychains, handphone covers and many more stuff however I couldn't spend that much. 


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