Good Bye dorm life.

Is been around 2 months since I arrived in Kyoto and I'm still trying to get used with my new lifestyle. I finally move out of my dorm and settled in to my own place which I can call home. The dorm was nice however the walls are really thin so I practically can hear whats happening in my room above me. It was pretty hard to sleep since she was awake at wee hours. So as much as I didn't like sleeping there, I will still miss that place. I met many wonderful people and it was really fun talking to them. It was the first place I stayed when I arrived in Kyoto after all. 

Took some photos before I left because didn't had time to take when I arrived. 

The street that lead to the dorm. It was a quiet and cozy. 

I can still remember the day that I tried to find this place and google map didn't help much either. It was really hard to find! 

Bicycle parking. 

Cozy little room. 

This is how you heat up the water for showers. 

 The toilet which has a really bad design... with towel hangers everywhere but you can't use it. 

There was a vending machine next to the laundry room. And is also well known for being the smoking corner. 

3 washing machine! No cost! JUST USE ONLY! 

The kitchen and dining room. 

I was a messy little girl when I was staying in that room. 
Didn't had any shelves or boxes to put things. My laptop practically took up the whole table space!

And kapibara was swamping my beds XD I need more! 

The one thing that I really couldn't live with is that my toilet takes up to 12 hours to drain out the water. It was really madness! If I wanted to use the toilet I needed to wear my platform shoes just to use it. I needed to calculate when I should bath because the next morning I may be able to use it ._. After a while then the plumber came and they found a pen or a stick that was clogging up the whole drain. A FREAKING PEN? ARE YOU SERIOUS! Well at least now my new home got a good drainage system and I can shower in peace. Not to mention a separate toilet! 


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