Kansai Lolita meet at Byōdō-in

Thanks once again to Li ping for inviting me to the lolita meet with the kansai lolitas~ 
it was really fun to meet new people and all dress in such pretty loli!! I have been out of the fashion for quite a bit and there is just so many new prints! I wore my pink lolita which I bought second hand in singapore. Didn't state the brand so Im not sure what is it. but it is soo cute!! love sweet prints. 
Sadly I didn't bring my curler to Japan so my fringe is overgrown T-T! 

The meet was at Uji which it was said to be the land of matcha! I am so going to bring Vincent there when he comes in September. We also went to Byōdō-in which is the temple that is on the 10yen coin. It was really crowded and the weather was getting warm. I haven't been excising a bit too since I came to Japan. So I almost died half way in my heels X-X! 

The place itself was really beautiful and it is around 500 yen entrance fee. Many flowers were bloom and you can tell that spring was here. Sadly there were no cherry blossom 

 The girls~ Look at their pretty coods! 

The two phoenix 

Thanks again grace for my Outfit of the day shot XD 

Really glad to have went to this meet~ Thanks for having me and so sorry I had to leave half way!! Oh well needed to do homework after all. 


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