Different season around my area

One thing that I never experience in Singapore is the different season over a year. Since Singapore is a tropical country, we basically have only humid, rain, Hot, Very hot, GOING TO DIE HOT. 

So I EMBRACE my time in Japan because I can see the changing season and SUFFER with the rest of the people. (Like when is spring and everyone started to sniff) 

The view outside my house didn't really have a good view of the sakuras so here is one near my place XD 

I love how the places around me looks so different because of the weather! 
When it snowed for the first time at my new house, I couldn't wait to see it and woke up at 5am to see it. It was soo beautiful to see it pouring down and covering the whole place with snow. 
The same thing when it came fall and the whole floor was in bright yellow and orange~ 

If only Singapore have seasons... 


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