Monday, 31 October 2016

2016 Golden week to Kiso, Day 1

This year Golden week we all decided to make a trip to Kiso because Jason manage to get his family cabin for us to stay for a few nights. Took us pretty much 1 semester to plan this and finally golden week arrived. Thanks Jason for letting us stay there. 

This is also going to be the first time Im driving in Japan. (Internally screaming) it also takes around 4 hours by car to get the Kiso. So is a long drive!!! 

We made many pit stops on the way and had fun chatting, laughing in the car and taking photos. 

When we reach the country side, the scenery was so beautiful! Really very different from Kyoto or Osaka. 

We had to make a pit stop because we girls want to take photos XD

We also had lunch at one of the pit stops because we were all hungry. Pretty nice selections~

so I took ramen XD since I was caving for it. 

Rebecca and her snack! 

Finally after all that driving we arrived at Kiso! You can tell that is getting really dark already. 

Well there was some hiccups on the way but we manage to make it to the cabin! 

Amazing thing that the table had a campfire pit in the middle! 

End of Day 1! 

It was really fun to drive in Japan however the speed limit is so much higher than Singapore and you can go up to 140km/hr. I swear I feel that the rental car was shaking ._. 
That I am so not use to it at all! And the roads in the village is sooo small and narrow is quite a nightmare D8! 

There is still a few more days and I didn't want to vomit all in 1 post!! 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Cookout on Friday nights!

One of the reason why I love Friday is not because is "TGIF" but is because there is a cookout! Well mostly almost every Friday! My friends and I will gather and cook something and eat together.

Funny thing is that it started really small and then became something like a weekly thing. 
I asked Sonya and Kento if they wanted to join dinner and we decided to just make random food at first and it came to this. XD Random pancakes and soup with meat. 

Then the week after we said OK lets change, lets cook steamboat instead because it was getting cold too. I had tom yam paste and we just did a rojak (anyhow) kind. 

This was the time we found out, 3 people is too little and we had so much left overs. WE NEEDED MORE PEOPLE. in a way to enjoy too. So we were like LETS CALL MISO! (well she was busy that day so she couldn't come over) 

When miso finally came over, we wanted us to try the spicy ramen that is from Korea.
 (The one that everyone was #spicyramenchallenge) 

After that we started to invite more people and was like hey lets make things together. 
It gotten way more lively and hectic but hell fun! 

Is even better because we all came from different countries and background so we all share our own dish with everyone else. Seeing my friends eat Singaporean food is the best XD. 

Like when I made curry and everyone said it taste like home. (Asia region) 

Since then the number was growing ( we had like 10 before) 
We needed to make bigger portions! 

Miso made korean kimchi soup 

Tried to make gotcha pork roast from Soma 

I Made Laksa. 

Rebecca made sanbeiji 三杯鸡

Chicken Rice 

Hamburgers by Sonya

There is still much more that we cooked but these are just some photos of it. 

Now that is normal to have a cookout every Friday, it is really fun looking forward to the gathering. Deciding what to eat, paying 500Yen and then coming out with something really hearty which is the best thing about home cooking! Even more so when you are away from your home.

I really feel is the little things that friends do and gather that makes everything more fun! Don't need to go out and spend a lot of money on the food which usually cost more than 1000yen. Cannot wait for more Friday night cooking with everyone and try many new dishes. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Kapibara-San 10TH Anniversary Cafe in Osaka at CHEER'S

This is a super backlog post! Since the event was last year instead of this but I really wanted to post this up because the next kapiban-san cafe that is coming to OSAKA IS NEXT MONTH! 

I was really happy that when Vincent was visiting me in Japan, Kapibara-san cafe was in Osaka! It will rarely be in Kyoto so my hope is still Osaka for these kind of character cafe! 
We told ourselves that WE NEED TO GO! NO MATTER WHAT! WE NEED TO GO! 
My very first time GOING TO THE KAPIBARA-SAN CAFE!!! 
I always see photos on Facebook and other sites and I will bite my blanket because I really want to go! 
This time round it was at Umeda and it at that cafe called CHEER'S 

A really cute welcoming entrance! 

Cannot help but to take photo with the stacking kapibara! 
And Vincent whose favorite character is bird-chan. 

Went in and there was photo frames everywhere of all the past themes of kapibara-san

Everything is just SO CUTE!
 I almost want to bring everything home.

Like this big white-san that was at the table next to us (so meaning we couldn't seat next to it!) 
but I just had to take a photo of it. 

and they put one big one on the counter too!!! so cute! 

So basically this is the menu for the cafe. I almost asked Vincent if we can get everything but he say no! We probably cannot finish it anyway. 

We took the two mains though! Which it tasted really good! The cafe itself already have the standard! 

We also order drinks! 

Every chair also had a blanket and tiny kapibara pillows for you to hug! We couldn't resist at all! 

Love the whole experience, since I really love kapibara-san! Is like heaven for me and everyone who came to the cafe was happily taking photos and enjoying their time. 

The cafe itself was really homely and warm feeling, I really don't mind going there for lunch next time when I am in Osaka. The food tasted good, the drinks was really nice and the staff was friendly. 

Since my standard is so high because of this cafe, I really hope the next kapibara cafe is just as good! The details for the next cafe will be written below. 
I will be going to the Umeda one for sure in Osaka and gathering my friends to go with me!! Cannot wait!! I will take a lot of photos and write a review about it!! 

Hands Cafe

Nov 1 - 30 at 3 places 
① hands café tokyu plaza omotesandō shop
② hands café umeda store
③ hands café fukuoka parco store

Mon - Sat : 10am - 9pm
Sunday and public holidays : 10am - 8.30pm

This is the map for the Umeda outlet.