2016 Golden week to Kiso, Day 1

This year Golden week we all decided to make a trip to Kiso because Jason manage to get his family cabin for us to stay for a few nights. Took us pretty much 1 semester to plan this and finally golden week arrived. Thanks Jason for letting us stay there. 

This is also going to be the first time Im driving in Japan. (Internally screaming) it also takes around 4 hours by car to get the Kiso. So is a long drive!!! 

We made many pit stops on the way and had fun chatting, laughing in the car and taking photos. 

When we reach the country side, the scenery was so beautiful! Really very different from Kyoto or Osaka. 

We had to make a pit stop because we girls want to take photos XD

We also had lunch at one of the pit stops because we were all hungry. Pretty nice selections~

so I took ramen XD since I was caving for it. 

Rebecca and her snack! 

Finally after all that driving we arrived at Kiso! You can tell that is getting really dark already. 

Well there was some hiccups on the way but we manage to make it to the cabin! 

Amazing thing that the table had a campfire pit in the middle! 

End of Day 1! 

It was really fun to drive in Japan however the speed limit is so much higher than Singapore and you can go up to 140km/hr. I swear I feel that the rental car was shaking ._. 
That I am so not use to it at all! And the roads in the village is sooo small and narrow is quite a nightmare D8! 

There is still a few more days and I didn't want to vomit all in 1 post!! 


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