2016 Hair Colours : Pink and Violet

At the beginning to the year, my hair was more brownish and black because it was the left over reddish tone that I did in 2015. It gives a really nice warm brown tone however I wanted to dye a more violet tone when I get back to Singapore for the spring break. 

All of my hair colour is done by Salon le point and artist name Hazel 

So I decided to go for a more violet pinkish colour and have it darker on the top because of the roots.
Currently, All of my inspiration and hair goals come from a hair stylist in tokyo. 
Her name is Kumilly and I found her on Instagram. 
I wanted to go to her salon and do my hair there but is sooo far T-T! 

So the first one that I wanted to do was these colours I saw. 


I didn't wanted to bleach my whole hair again and try to leave the top part healthier than the rest.
So I did a gradient again. This is the colour she gave me after 4 hours in the salon! 

However, Because is pink, it fades really really fast! 

By the time my spring holiday ended, it was turning back to a more brownish tone, like my previous hair. But I wanted the pink to be intact when I reach Japan. 

So I went back to just touch it up and ask her to make it 3 times darker.
And it looks like this really dark purple violet tone.

Makes me look like Hikari Minowa from Aikatsu

This colour is supposed to make it last for the whole of my summer semester in Japan.
My plan was to make it fade into different shade before dying it again.

So the fading started and the colour gradually change into something so beautiful~

Really love the colour that it became and somehow people started calling me the pink headed girl XD

As it continuous to fade, the violet started to wash off and a more pinkish ash tone came out. 

And then Summer break started and I was going back to Singapore again. 
Even thought the photos cannot show how light the colour was, it was more of the very light dirty pink look. 


This time when I was back in Singapore, I had no idea what colour I wanted. I got my hair goals of getting that fablouse pink I wanted. So I decided to try something else.. 

So I found these two that kinda caught my eye. 


I showed it to Hazel and she say is a ash tone. And she needed to bleach the bottom and she will be giving me a highlight to give the dept of it. 
After the bleaching she will add the ash tone colour with a hint of purple. 
and this is the result. 

Surprisngly, so many people love the colour! Like my mom and sister. 
My mom hated me having such a bright colour so she was like. oh this is nice. 
I guess is on the darker side thats why. 
However she won't know how much lighter it will be once it fades. 

Hazel did warn me that because is ash, pastel tone. It will fade even faster than the last one. 

Because this faded really nicely, many thought I dyed my hair multiple times. It almost look like I had 4 different colours over 2 month. 

In just 2 months it faded so fast and it became this light pink ash pastel tone.
I love the colour honestly, however if I were to go to Japan with this hair... I have no idea what is it going to become by the end of the semester.

So went back just to darken it and wanted it to fade in Japan again. So that I will have that tone when winter arrive!

So currently my hair is more bright tone but still with a pastel ash undertone.

When I wash my hair, I do see the colour dropping but is not as much as last year kind.
I don't see my towel getting all pink from one hair wash at least.

I'm excited to see how it fades and what colour it will look like for these 4 months. 

Sorry about the alignment.. I have no idea how to fix it =(


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