ALPS Juice (Japan)

Introducing Alps Juice by Alps Co, Ltd 

When I was in Kiso for golden week, I came across this drink from one of the villages. 
They were selling it in a bundle so is like 4 bottles, 1200yen. 
Which I feel it was a steal! 

I don't really drink alcohol but I love juice. (Such a kid right.)

The 4 main flavors. 
Apple, Grape, White grape, Peach. 
650Yen + tax / each, 1L

So I tried the white grape first at Kiso and I love it. 

And bought it back to Kyoto and finish the rest. Forgot to take photo of the apple and red grape. 

So to me I rate in order which I love the best. 

1. Apple 
2. White grape 
3. Grape 
4. Peach 

Well it differs to other people on what they like but this is for me. 
From all the juice I bought in Japan, this one is really really good! 

Especially the Grape juice (which is almost like wine but sweeter) 
They called it wine juice in Japan, Which me and Li Ping tried and find it really tasty! 
So my journey started to find the best wine juice! 

So if anyone want to try good Juice in Japan, You can try this brand and tell me what you think! 
Still looking for others that can be as good ad these since it only sold in high end fruit stores in Kyoto. 


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