Kapibara-San 10TH Anniversary Cafe in Osaka at CHEER'S

This is a super backlog post! Since the event was last year instead of this but I really wanted to post this up because the next kapiban-san cafe that is coming to OSAKA IS NEXT MONTH! 

I was really happy that when Vincent was visiting me in Japan, Kapibara-san cafe was in Osaka! It will rarely be in Kyoto so my hope is still Osaka for these kind of character cafe! 
We told ourselves that WE NEED TO GO! NO MATTER WHAT! WE NEED TO GO! 
My very first time GOING TO THE KAPIBARA-SAN CAFE!!! 
I always see photos on Facebook and other sites and I will bite my blanket because I really want to go! 
This time round it was at Umeda and it at that cafe called CHEER'S 

A really cute welcoming entrance! 

Cannot help but to take photo with the stacking kapibara! 
And Vincent whose favorite character is bird-chan. 

Went in and there was photo frames everywhere of all the past themes of kapibara-san

Everything is just SO CUTE!
 I almost want to bring everything home.

Like this big white-san that was at the table next to us (so meaning we couldn't seat next to it!) 
but I just had to take a photo of it. 

and they put one big one on the counter too!!! so cute! 

So basically this is the menu for the cafe. I almost asked Vincent if we can get everything but he say no! We probably cannot finish it anyway. 

We took the two mains though! Which it tasted really good! The cafe itself already have the standard! 

We also order drinks! 

Every chair also had a blanket and tiny kapibara pillows for you to hug! We couldn't resist at all! 

Love the whole experience, since I really love kapibara-san! Is like heaven for me and everyone who came to the cafe was happily taking photos and enjoying their time. 

The cafe itself was really homely and warm feeling, I really don't mind going there for lunch next time when I am in Osaka. The food tasted good, the drinks was really nice and the staff was friendly. 

Since my standard is so high because of this cafe, I really hope the next kapibara cafe is just as good! The details for the next cafe will be written below. 
I will be going to the Umeda one for sure in Osaka and gathering my friends to go with me!! Cannot wait!! I will take a lot of photos and write a review about it!! 

Hands Cafe

Nov 1 - 30 at 3 places 
① hands café tokyu plaza omotesandō shop
② hands café umeda store
③ hands café fukuoka parco store

Mon - Sat : 10am - 9pm
Sunday and public holidays : 10am - 8.30pm

This is the map for the Umeda outlet.


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