Kyoto Owl's Forest Zoo

Earlier this year I went to the Kyoto owl's forest zoo that is located in Shijo! 
Since we just walk pass it we decided to just check it out! 
The admission free is 600Yen for adult and 300Yen for children. 
And you pay at the shop counter on the first floor. 

The shop is here where you can buy the ticket to go to the zoo at the second floor.  

Yes!! and Owls do bring you happiness!! 

I couldn't really take a photo of the items in the shop but they were selling owl theme goodies and plushies like the one you see on the window! It was soo cute but I think I have way too many soft toys on my bed already. 

So up we go to the second floor to see what owls are there! 

After you enter the area, a staff will tell you how to handle the owls and the rules they have at the place. Like please do not scare the owls or please only touch it with the back of your hands. 

Incoming spam of OWL PHOTOS 

This owl have the I WILL CUT YOU FACE 

There was also squirrels but they were sleeping 

HELLO HEDWIG! aka the snowy owl! 

and this is one of my favorite, the small owls that was sleeping 

Do note that this is a Zoo and not a owl cafe which is pretty popular in Japan. 
Is only meant for petting, taking picture, admiring. When I went, they didn't allow you to put the owls on your shoulder. 
From what I heard from the staff, They do let the owls roam around at night when is close and feed them pretty often. (Kinda too a peak at the room where they were making food for them D8 )

Update : From what I know now, there is also a cat zoo. I forgot which cat thought. =X but is just next to it. 

Kyoto Owl's Forest Zoo 
Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Nakagyō-ku, Nakanochō (Shinkyōgokudōri), 556


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