Larme-Kei ~ 甘くてかわいい女の子

So recently (like a 2 years ago) I found a new fashion bible. 
Previously I keep on reading popteen till my favorite models graduate. 
Like Kumiky and Okarie. 

Now, I finally found another magazine that I really love and follow their style. 

Is called Larme - Sweet Girly Artbook 

Newest edition of Larme 
I bought almost every edition (well I think I missed 1) and always love the style and fashion they features. So the fashion that they are promoting is not really Motekei or Garyu but something more in between of the two. Which Im leaning more towards to. I used to dress up and go for the gyaru, himegyaru or himekaji kind of style but Im trying to be a bit more sweet and casual. 

So the concept of Larme is "Sweet Girly Fashion Artbook" ~ 甘くてかわいい女の子のファッション絵本. Which you can see on the front of the magazine. Together with the concept they will state like a theme with it. Thus, come the term Larme-Kei which the create came up with for the fashion genre. 

You can read more over here. She gave a very good overview of the magazine and concept! 


Following the concept of the magazine, the style is base of the idea of "sweet cute girl". 
It also follow the Harajuke and Gyaru like style but just leaning more toward the sweet cute girly style. 

As much as I love the fashion in Larme, I can't possibllity buy everything I love and want to wear. 
So I tried my best to find whatever I can or make use whatever I already have to dress up in larme-kei. 

Sometimes I feel that Im wearing more himekaji instead of larme-kei but I think that accessories, hair and makeup also play a big role. 

As you can see, I am a big fan of flora... because of Liz Lisa! And I really love pastel or bright colours. (But recently I been trying more darker colours) 
So these were last year coords that I tried to do, however I still feel more himejika. So I decided to go for a more fuwa fuwa (floaty, fluffy) feel. I always like fairy-kei too but feel that is a bit too kiddish if I wear it to school. 

One thing that I always think to myself is I need that outfit to be Larme-kei or this outfit is so Larme-kei but the price is usually really expensive I only can just dream about wearing it. But there is actually many cheap option out there that is able to give the larme-kei feel. 

Right now my favorite brands to go for is - 

DreamV / Dear My Love 
Axes Femme 
Liz Lisa 
Mon Lily

      There is other brands that I love but they are usually too expensive. (Like Milk) 

I am still playing out with fashion, hair and makeup styles and doing my best to practice everyday! Still not really good with the hair styling thought. I take up so much time trying out new hairstyle that Im always running late for school. XD 

Thanks Rebecca , Miki and Sonya for helping me takes some photos. updated 


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