No more lipstick embarrassment : Kosé Lip Gel Magic

Kosé new product called the Lip Gel Magic which is basically a gel that will cover your lipstick so that it won't leave a mark or stain. 
Well guys probably won't understand it but sometimes this can be embarrassing or even gross. 

Imagine your food with lip stick stain 

 or when you accidentally touch your clothes. 

Or your cup or drink 
(well sometimes this is useful when you are trying to find for your own cup) 

So I went out to buy myself one to try! It says that it can last up to an hour. 

So how do you apply? 

1. Wear your lipstick 
2. take your Lip gel magic and shake it a bit 
3. Squeeze out some (it should be a size of a single rice grain) 
4. Put it one by smearing it, Don't dap it on. 
Ps: it should feel a bit oily. 

Here the video I took! It work so perfectly! 
I tried with lip stain and lip gloss after but I guess lip gloss is way too sticky to work. 
For lip stain, it work just as good. 
It lasted around an hour because after that I do see some colour coming out when I dap it on a tissue so you need to apply it again. 
However, during that time it stays on really well the colour was intact the whole time. 

Love this product so much that I let my friends tried it and even Miki went to buy it! 
Now I worry-free when I'm out as I don't see my lipstick stain on my food which I feel that is gross. 
Is like eating your own lipstick XD. 

The item is retailing at 1500 yen 
It can be found in many drugstores. 


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