Umeshu Day 2016

The day that my house had so many shoes on the front door because we were going to do something memorable! Look at the amount of shoes there is and umbrellas because it was raining. 

So we had an idea one fine day that we wanted to make umeshu (梅酒, Plum Wine) for ourselves and since the wine needs to sit for at least 2 years to 3, we decided that we shall only drink it when we graduate! That's like in 2 years time. 

Miki and Ken was helping all of us by getting the jar and recipe needed for the wine and the rest of us needed to find the alcohol, ume (Plum) and rock sugar. Lucky they were selling most of the stuff at the supermarkets. They even sell the JAR! and things like flavored syrup. 

Things needed to make the basic umeshu. 
We use way more because our jar was way bigger! 

- 1 kg plum 

- 800g Rock sugar 

- 1.8L of shochu (Clear alcohol /  White liquor) Which looks something like this  


1. Wash the ume and the jar. My friends use boiling water to sterilize the jar. 

2. Wipe the ume with a paper towel gently. Try not to damage the ume. 

3. Take off the stem end with a toothpick. 

4. Put a layer of ume in the jar and then add a layer of sugar. Repeat steps. (Ume, Sugar, Ume, Sugar) 

5. Pour in the shochu until it just nicely cover the topmost layer of the Ume. 

6. Leave the jar in a dark and cool place. 

7. Remember to Shake the Jar every now and then. (My friends made me shake it every morning) 
So that the sugar, ume and alcohol will mix together. 

Some say that after 7 months you can drink it or let it set for a year to 2 years. Depending how deep you want it to taste like.

So we did even more than just making Umeshu that day. I decided to make it a bit more special! I ask my friends to all write a note to their future self for when we graduate. A little note and then we will stick it on the jar and open it up when we are going to drink it! 

My handwriting and miso's.... HERS IS SO SMALL. 

Good use of all the cute paper I been collecting XD 

final result! 

This is when we are layering the sugar and ume. 

Can't really see clearly but this is how it suppose to look like, Ume and sugar all mix up! 

Pouring of the Alcohol!!!

A video posted by Cerise Sweet (@suzumyon) on

Thanks Minori for helping us take the photo! 

=X i didn't know it was supposed to be a funny photo XD 

Im sure we all will graduate and I hope we are all together as one when we open our notes and drink umeshu together! がんばって、みな!


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