Wednesday, 23 November 2016

2016 Shoujo Recommendation

So somehow I notice that a lot of people have always been searching for good shoujo mangas. I mean who wouldn't I love shoujo manga myself! And once I start, I can't stop. 

I once blog about it here and list a few mangas, but that list is so outdated ( even thought the story was good) and now there is more new mangas to read! 

I decided that I am going to update my shoujo list and going to put up a few recommendation that I think is worth it to share. This is currently the mangas that I want to share and I am still reading many more! I will see in the future if those mangas that I'm reading is worth to share and make another blog post in the future. For now, I hope you all will be satisfied with these! 

If you have any recommendation too, Please do tell me as I am always looking for more!! 

Ongoing Manga 

School Life setting 

Koisuru Harinezumi

Typical shoujo manga, pretty predictable. 

ReRe Hello 

Cute story line, a bit predictable but is still fun to watch them grow 

Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai

2 guys after 1 girl kind of setting?
 I feel is more like a SM setting, so honestly this manga is fun to read. 


One of my favorite, super random and a lot of funny things in the manga. 
I swear this manga make my stomach hurt so badly for some part. 

Fantasy / Old Setting 

  Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Of course I need to add this in! Love shirayuki and zen so much. 
Is still on going but the english scan is kinda slow. 
I like how there is nice turn of events in the manga. 

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Another one of my favorite next to shirayuki-hime. At first I was not really into it because the main male lead is young (I swear I thought I was pedo for awhile) but then the story grew and I really waiting for the next chapter to come out! 

Manhua - Chinese Manga 

Fantasy Setting 

Knight Fantastic Night 
Qishi Huanxiang Ye / 骑士幻想夜 

Typical weak female lead that became strong. The story line itself  makes you predict what is going to happen however there is many funny twist or suddenly change of pace which makes it exciting. 

Starry Night Club 
XingKong Club / 星空Club 

The buildup took a while and made me confuse a bit however the story is deeper when you keep on reading it which made a whole stunning plot which is somewhat different from the beginning. 

As much as I love this manhua, I heard the artist suddenly stop and went missing so currently is on chapter 149. 
(Many people thinks is the ending, which in a way it can be but you would want more) 

After Crossing the west 3000 
穿越西元3000后 / Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou 

Interesting story line which became really deep when you read on. It can be quite confusing however it makes me want to read more. 

If you can read Vietnamese or Chinese, I really recommend you to read this manga. For those who wants it in English, you probably have to wait for quite some times because is currently stuck at chapter 6 while the Chinese version is at chapter 153. 

Completed Manga

Junjou Haraguro Kareshi

A really short manga however is just enough to satisfie a quick shoujo craving. 

Last Game 

Even thought many people said that their progress is (ONE OF THE SLOWEST). Love to see their progression and how they grow and also don't fear because the ending is one that you will be waiting for. 


Needed to add this manga in because it just finish this year too. Typical harem setting however the plot twist towards the end hit straight to the heart. One that ended really nicely and have no other question needed. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Few places to go in Kiso Valley

As I only went for 4 days to kiso, We tried to do as much things as possible! 
These are the few things that I recommend to visit or try out. 
Kiso is a really lovely place to visit if you are time as it is quite out of the way and is way easier to move around if you are driving. One thing to note if you are driving is that the roads are way more dangerous and most road are one lane and really narrow. 

Narai 奈良井

One of the old street town in Kiso, this place is well know for the pictorial view of olden houses. The nick name that was given for the place was "Narai of a Thousand Houses" and once you are there, you can see why.  

In the area that use to be a former residence street now has souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.
One thing to look out for is the handicraft that they used to do in the past which is still preserve today. 

Do note that the roads are also used for vehicles so do be careful.  

Kiso Ohashi

Near by Narai is the popular kiso Ohashi which is the bridge that crosses over the Narai river. 
From sources, it was said to be one of the longest wooden bridges in Japan and was made in the 1990s which is pretty recent. 

At the bridge, you are able to see the beautiful mountain which surrounds Kiso. Near the bridge is also a park which features a koi pond and wooden huts. 


Same as Narai, Magome is one of the post towns in Kiso valley. This particular town is well known to be a tourist spot as it previously aim to serve travelers that was travelling between tokyo and kyoto in the olden days. 

The town really had an ancient feel even thought it had been restored. It had many shops and restaurants around that mainly features the old-fashion Japanese life. With old school toys and wooden tools. There is also a couple of museum that feature about the olden days in Japan and arts 

One of the cuisine that Nagano is famous for is buckwheat noodles aka Soba! When I was in Kiso, I went to many different places to eat soba as is one of my favorite food.
 You are able to find restaurants around the area that sells soba. The photo dish below is called oyakosoba which is basically chicken and soba. 

Hot soba with chicken and leek

Mount Kiso Ontake 

Well know for being the second highest volcano in Japan which is just after Mount Fuji. 
So from the news sources, Ontake had erupt before in 2014 so I guess it is still active. 

To get to the peak, you will need to hike however, there is a cable car that will take you to 3/4 of the mountain. At the stop, there is a cable car station and a restaurant for resting. There is also viewing platform and hiking trials. 

Some photos was taken by Rebecca! Thank you once again! I lost quite a number of photos somehow.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Kapibara-san X Hands Cafe

Image intensive post

For the month of November, (Tokyu) Hands Cafe will be collaborating with Kapibara-san! 
At least 3 hands cafe all over Japan will be having the cute theme of Kapibara! 
The 3 places are 
  1. Tokyo, Shibuya 
  2. Osaka, Umeda 
  3. Fukuoka,  Tenjin

Since I am in Kyoto, the closest one to me is Osaka!! Many of my friends couldn't make it on that day but I had Miki to join me!! Thanks Miki!! After class, We took the hankyu train all the way to umeda which took us roughly an hour.

We reached daimaru at around 4.15pm and there was no queue for the cafe! 
The previous time I went, there was a massive queue because it was during lunch time. 

I proceed to take photos of everything I see while Miki gets us a table. 
The place was decorated with kapibara-san however I feel it was less than the 10th anniversary cafe. This time it was much more simple and not overflowing with kapibara-san  

From the photos I post up, you can compare them with the other cafe that this time they place most of the kapibara-san outside or in the middle table and not every table had a kapibara for you to play with. (That I was a bit sad but it was a small cafe) 

However, They did decorate it really cute with 2 giant kapibara in the middle. 

Miki manage to get a table inside instead of the big round table in front of the giant kapibaras. 
There was one mini kapibara plushie near me and I grab it to hug and for photos! 

On to the menu!! This is the Kapibara-san menu that was created for this event! Is kinda small but usually theme cafes in Japan have small selections. 
Both of us were super hungry because we didn't really eat lunch so we both took the main! Even thought we really wanted the pancakes however, we wanted something more filling.

After ordering, 
the staff will come and place the table mats on your table. 
Because I ordered a drink, I got a really cute coaster as well! 
They also did mention that you are allow to bring it back home once you are done. 
(Some places are a bit more strict like the plastic cups have to be returns and so on) 

First up! The marshmallow latte! 
With a cute kapibara-san waffle! 

Even with just one cube of sugar, it was really sweet because of the marshmallows! Both of us felt that this was the perfect balance for the latte and we want to try making it ourselves next time!
(The waffle didn't taste like anything, so is not sweet but CUTE) 

Next our main came!
 Miki ordered the teriyaki sandwich which
 I ordered the hash beef rice.  

It soo cute!! and both girls started to take pictures of it like we always do. 

The sandwich dish came with onion soup, salad and mashed potato for the sides

Miki said that hers taste really good and the chicken was grilled! 

While the Hash beef dish came with just salad and mashed potato for sides. 

As for my dish, I literally wanted to lick the gravy. XD 
The hash beef goes really well with the rice and omelette and 
I would say that their hash beef is just nice for seasoning. 

Both was just as tasty and we agree that hands cafe food taste really delicious! We will be back just for the food next time!

One thing I got to agree is that when a company collaborate with a cafe, the food usually taste really good or even better. However, if the cafe itself is themed and is set up for that reason, the food is a bit below then usual. I tried other themed cafe like hello kitty, pom pom purin and etc and agreed that their cafe food doesn't taste that good then normal cafe does. Is just average and edible

After we done eating and paid for our share, I went to take more photos of the center piece!
The middle table was filled with kapibaras, however you are not allow to move them. 

Can't help it! I needed to take a photo with it! Is even cuter that they put flower crowns on it!  

One thing that I want to share with kapibara-san lovers! 
Hands cafe in Japan has a Kapibara-san Themed wedding!!! which they named it "Natural Wedding"
I asked Miki what is it about and she told me that they can help you do a kapibara theme wedding however is only available in Tokyo. (I was so sad) 

Here is the information if you are interested! 

Here the information for the Kapibara-san X Hands Cafe in Osaka, Umeda 

Tokyu Hands, Hands Cafe
Level 10 of Daimaru Department store
Kapibara theme from Nov 1 - 30th!
(The cafe is located inside of Tokyu hands and is at the far left corner of the store.)  
Mon - Sat : 10am - 9pm
Sunday and public holidays : 10am - 8.30pm

If you are in the area during this month, do check it out!!! 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Is already November 2016!!

More than a month has already pass and is going to be week 6 in school. Time is passing faster than I thought XD! Soon is going to be December and then 2017 will be here. 

Halloween has just passed and Christmas music and decoration is up everywhere already! 
Even my apartment is playing Christmas carols in the hallway. 

Not forgetting the weather and how fast it became so cold this year! For the first half of October I was so happy prancing around saying how cooling it was and next thing I realize I need to wear my heat tech because is too cold. 

For the things around me, well many things happened and things changes pretty fast. One thing for sure that it became more peaceful and I'm really enjoying my daily life. Cannot wait for all the dates, events and plans that we all made! Is going to be so much fun! 

Sadly sonya is out somewhere and not here. 

Started watching Korean Drama again because of Sonya and Rebecca and also Miso. 

Love them to bits! We are all weird together!! 

November is going to be such a busy month for us. Doshisha Eve is coming soon which is at the end of the month. Is from 26 ~ 28th of November! So if you are in Kyoto city, do come and check it out! A lot of food, activities and much more! What even more busy for us is that the ILA student council will be having a booth this year! Support us! 

You can check it out here but is all in Japanese. 

Well that all for my update! I will be blogging about this little cutie soon!