Is already November 2016!!

More than a month has already pass and is going to be week 6 in school. Time is passing faster than I thought XD! Soon is going to be December and then 2017 will be here. 

Halloween has just passed and Christmas music and decoration is up everywhere already! 
Even my apartment is playing Christmas carols in the hallway. 

Not forgetting the weather and how fast it became so cold this year! For the first half of October I was so happy prancing around saying how cooling it was and next thing I realize I need to wear my heat tech because is too cold. 

For the things around me, well many things happened and things changes pretty fast. One thing for sure that it became more peaceful and I'm really enjoying my daily life. Cannot wait for all the dates, events and plans that we all made! Is going to be so much fun! 

Sadly sonya is out somewhere and not here. 

Started watching Korean Drama again because of Sonya and Rebecca and also Miso. 

Love them to bits! We are all weird together!! 

November is going to be such a busy month for us. Doshisha Eve is coming soon which is at the end of the month. Is from 26 ~ 28th of November! So if you are in Kyoto city, do come and check it out! A lot of food, activities and much more! What even more busy for us is that the ILA student council will be having a booth this year! Support us! 

You can check it out here but is all in Japanese. 

Well that all for my update! I will be blogging about this little cutie soon! 


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