Kapibara-san X Hands Cafe (Osaka)

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For the month of November, (Tokyu) Hands Cafe will be collaborating with Kapibara-san! 
At least 3 hands cafe all over Japan will be having the cute theme of Kapibara! 
The 3 places are 
  1. Tokyo, Shibuya 
  2. Osaka, Umeda 
  3. Fukuoka,  Tenjin

Since I am in Kyoto, the closest one to me is Osaka!! Many of my friends couldn't make it on that day but I had Miki to join me!! Thanks Miki!! After class, We took the hankyu train all the way to umeda which took us roughly an hour.

We reached daimaru at around 4.15pm and there was no queue for the cafe! 
The previous time I went, there was a massive queue because it was during lunch time. 

I proceed to take photos of everything I see while Miki gets us a table. 
The place was decorated with kapibara-san however I feel it was less than the 10th anniversary cafe. This time it was much more simple and not overflowing with kapibara-san  

From the photos I post up, you can compare them with the other cafe that this time they place most of the kapibara-san outside or in the middle table and not every table had a kapibara for you to play with. (That I was a bit sad but it was a small cafe) 

However, They did decorate it really cute with 2 giant kapibara in the middle. 

Miki manage to get a table inside instead of the big round table in front of the giant kapibaras. 
There was one mini kapibara plushie near me and I grab it to hug and for photos! 

On to the menu!! This is the Kapibara-san menu that was created for this event! Is kinda small but usually theme cafes in Japan have small selections. 
Both of us were super hungry because we didn't really eat lunch so we both took the main! Even thought we really wanted the pancakes however, we wanted something more filling.

After ordering, 
the staff will come and place the table mats on your table. 
Because I ordered a drink, I got a really cute coaster as well! 
They also did mention that you are allow to bring it back home once you are done. 
(Some places are a bit more strict like the plastic cups have to be returns and so on) 

First up! The marshmallow latte! 
With a cute kapibara-san waffle! 

Even with just one cube of sugar, it was really sweet because of the marshmallows! Both of us felt that this was the perfect balance for the latte and we want to try making it ourselves next time!
(The waffle didn't taste like anything, so is not sweet but CUTE) 

Next our main came!
 Miki ordered the teriyaki sandwich which
 I ordered the hash beef rice.  

It soo cute!! and both girls started to take pictures of it like we always do. 

The sandwich dish came with onion soup, salad and mashed potato for the sides

Miki said that hers taste really good and the chicken was grilled! 

While the Hash beef dish came with just salad and mashed potato for sides. 

As for my dish, I literally wanted to lick the gravy. XD 
The hash beef goes really well with the rice and omelette and 
I would say that their hash beef is just nice for seasoning. 

Both was just as tasty and we agree that hands cafe food taste really delicious! We will be back just for the food next time!

One thing I got to agree is that when a company collaborate with a cafe, the food usually taste really good or even better. However, if the cafe itself is themed and is set up for that reason, the food is a bit below then usual. I tried other themed cafe like hello kitty, pom pom purin and etc and agreed that their cafe food doesn't taste that good then normal cafe does. Is just average and edible

After we done eating and paid for our share, I went to take more photos of the center piece!
The middle table was filled with kapibaras, however you are not allow to move them. 

Can't help it! I needed to take a photo with it! Is even cuter that they put flower crowns on it!  

One thing that I want to share with kapibara-san lovers! 
Hands cafe in Japan has a Kapibara-san Themed wedding!!! which they named it "Natural Wedding"
I asked Miki what is it about and she told me that they can help you do a kapibara theme wedding however is only available in Tokyo. (I was so sad) 

Here is the information if you are interested! 

Here the information for the Kapibara-san X Hands Cafe in Osaka, Umeda 

Tokyu Hands, Hands Cafe
Level 10 of Daimaru Department store
Kapibara theme from Nov 1 - 30th!
(The cafe is located inside of Tokyu hands and is at the far left corner of the store.)  
Mon - Sat : 10am - 9pm
Sunday and public holidays : 10am - 8.30pm

If you are in the area during this month, do check it out!!! 


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