Canmake Tokyo : Perfect stylist eyes no.14 (Antique Ruby)

(this is not a sponsored post) 

In October, Canmake Tokyo release a few new products for Halloween. 

Items like colored eyeliner, colored mascara, cream blush and eye shadow was promoted. 
(I tried the colored eyeliner too however I don't like it as much as my other eyeliner, so I won't do a review on it)
The top seller was the Perfect stylist eye shadow. It was so popular that I couldn't get my hands on it for quite a while as it was sold out everywhere. 
(Even now, is still sold out in many places in Kyoto, maybe Kanto area has more stock) 
I was lucky to find it in Kyoto OPA in one of the stores which they only left two. 
I didn't need to swatch it to know that I want it. 
The perfect stylist eyes no 14 is retailing in Japan for 780 Yen 

Close up photo 

This palette really suit the autumn/fall look or a dolly cute/sweet look. 
All of the colors have a shimmer or satin undertone and they are vibrant and easy to blend. 

Style 1 has a more pink look while style 2 is leaning more to a redder tone to give a more bold look. I tried to find similar eye shadow colors from other brands however, Canmake manage to create the right shade that is right for the Larmekei look which is more sweet, girly and not harsh. 

For those who already tried other Canmake perfect stylist eye shadows know that there is two styles you can create. 

Not only can you create two looks from this, I believe there is still many ways to play around with it. I honestly love to just use the main colors and base color to touch up for some part. 

Tried with style 1 first and put 3/4 of B on my bottom eye to pop out the look. 

This is style 2 look which I tried to follow Risa style. Which she covered her entire bottom eye with a reddish tone

Tried another look with a brown natural base on the top lid and just added B color to the bottom eye. 

Overall I really love this eye shadow palette a lot and I recommend them to my friends as the colors looks really pretty when used. Honestly speaking, I been using this palette non stop for these two months and I'm pairing it with my other palette (even my naked palette) to come out with new looks. 

   It doesn't smudge as easily ( It won't come off if you rub your eyes) 
   Easy to apply 
   Good Pigmentation 
   If you use a eye base primer on your eyelids, the colors can last for more than 12 hours. 

This was around 13 - 14 hours and the colors still can be seen. 

I'm still currently trying to find stocks in Kyoto for some of my friends back in Singapore~ Hopefully I do find it as I don't think Singapore will have this palette any time soon. 


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