Sumikko Gurashi すみっコぐらし Tokage Plushies

Besides my Kapibara-san maddness, I feel in love with another character which is from Sumikko Gurashi (すみっコぐらし) called Tokage (とかげ)
So Introducing to you, Tokage-san, the dinosaur (which is probably a Plesiosaurs) which is pretending to be a lizard as he is the only one left in the world. He doesn't want to get caught, so he is trying to blend in with other characters.


His best friend is the slug who wants to be a snail. 

Here is a video that I took that is introducing the mochi mochi plushies that I wanted to share with you guys! Is really soft and squishy and one of the best buy to me since I'm using it as a pillow to sleep now. 

My most recent purchase is the Super Mochi Mochi plushies which was just release in October. Tokage was so popular that it most of the merchandise was sold out in a day or even less than that! Then only one I could order was the Super Mochi Long pillow.  
Even when I order that, it did stated that there was a few left and I was only a day late! 

Instagram video when I first got my super mochi long pillow!

So I only got the super mochi long pillow at first, however!! Lady luck smile upon me and I went to JQ store in Kyoto to check it out and they had ONLY ONE Super mochi mochi daifuku tokage pillow! 

Took a photo for Vincent and asked him.. 'WHAT SHOULD I DO!' And when we found out they only had one, he told me. 'JUST GET IT!'

Till today.. I never regret my decision as this is one the most soft plush! 

Whenever I have sleepovers, My friends will try to fight for it as is so comfortable!

This is an example of Miso playing with it 

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If you really like Tokage-san and is thinking of buying the mochi mochi pillow, do get it! Is so worth it! 
One thing you must know is that so many people want it that is sold out in many places! If you get the chance to buy it, JUST DO IT! 

Not really from the same series of mochi mochi pillows, these were bought from other places than San-x Store. This was from the UFO game but one of the stores were selling it instead. 
It does feel super soft too but I wish there is more filling inside. 

Another One that I got from Amazon as it is cheaper than yahoo. Someone was selling this for ¥1500 while the M and L size one was going for almost ¥9000! I swear that is a rip off!! 
(Please don't get anything that expensive! The L version was suppose to be not more than ¥3000) 

So I got it as I really wanted one since this may. 

They are growing and taking over my bed. 

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  1. aweeee i'm sooo jealous! :----) i went to japan last month and saw tokage at aeon mall but i didn't buy it because i'm afraid i might not have enough money. i regret everything! but my classmate will go to japan next month so i just requested for her to buyyy tokage for meee huehue #share


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