Tower Records Cafe x Sumikko Gurashi (Tokyo)

Throw back to last year, I forgotten to blog about this but I really wanted to. 

Last year, Tower records cafe and Sumikko Gurashi (すみっコぐらし) had a collaboration which is similar to the kapibara cafe that I went. It was in tokyo and just nice, Vincent is coming to Japan while Priscilla and Judson was also making their trip down and we all want to go together!

Tower records cafe is located in the tower record building in Shibuya. Just a short walk from the station and are you able to find it. When we arrived there, it was no surprised that there was a queue and we needed to wait quite a bit for our turn. There is also a dining time limit once you are seated and they advice the customer not to take too long. 

The cafe which is located on the second floor took almost half of the area. The cafe was decorated with many pictures, stickers and plushies. It was everywhere and we were ecstatic! Priscilla and I couldn't help but to keep taking photo of everything. 

While waiting, we are able to take photo of the neko chair which is just outside of the entrance. So the chair is not for people who are waiting but is a photo shoot spot only! We couldn't help it and took photos with it. I almost wanted to buy this chair back but... I resist. 

Sorry for the bad photo, the lighting was horrible but it is still soo cute! 
After some time, we were able to get seats and we were put in the corner with many plushies around us! At least one of us had one and we were all cuddling with it. Couldn't help to take the neko because tokage was somewhere in the cafe. 

This was the menu that was available for the theme cafe. As usual is a small selection. 
We had 4 people all together so we order almost everything to try! 

After ordering, we had some waiting time before the food arrive, so we went around the cafe taking more photos. We also did our best not to disturb anybody and not be a hindrance. 

Complementary coaster when you order a drink

And then the food arrived! 

Shirokuma strawberry latte and
Penguin? matcha latte 

Colourful Float with a free cup 
(but you need to wash it yourself thought) 

Napolitana Pasta with ebi fry and katsu 

Shiro kuma tomato chicken omu rice 

Neko white chocolate cake 

As expected, the food was really not that bad and we finish everything. Seeing all the sumikko gurashi in one cafe really make us happy and we had so much fun. Even seeing the table beside us having fun taking photos and them eyeing on some of the other plushies was really cute. 

For now, there is no sumikko gurashi cafe but I really hope they were to have one soon in Osaka so that I can go again! (Tokyo is too far for me T-T and is always there) 

I would also like to thank Priscilla and Jud for joining us! It was really fun, and also thanks for helping us to take the photos ^^ sadly my phone and camera didn't had a group photo.

This is a throwback to last year cafe, unfortunately the cafe is not doing a collaboration with sumikko at the moment. I will post up if there is any news of an upcoming cafe if there is any. 


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