2016 Lookbook Recap

      Recently I been trying to take more photos of my outfits and coordination as I told myself to not be lazy and dress up for school and outings. I always wanted to do it since I arrive in Japan but I became unmotivated, and so I end up just putting whatever I see and just go out of the door. Makes me feel no different from what I was that when I was back in Singapore, where I choose to dress comfortably instead of fashionably. 

Somehow I know that my fashion is a mixture from whatever I like and magazine inspiration. For now I am currently leaning more towards Larmekei however sometimes I move towards to  himekaji or other styles which inspired me. The brands that I go for always make me sparkle every time I see something new, cute and sweet. Which I feel really painful for my wallet and I should really stop. 

For 2017, I'm going to try more coordination on the current wardrobe I have and make use with everything I have instead of buying more clothes. I also want to push myself to do more lookbooks because Sonya gave suggested the idea and I think is really interesting. Time to make myself motivated and excited for this year and let it show with the outfits I wear. 

I really need to thank my friends for being so patient with me and helping me to take these photos! 

My favorite coordination from 2016 in no particular order 







I really need to work on hairstyles to match my outfits. 
Every time I tried to do it in the morning.. I end up being late for class.. *sigh* 


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