2017 Fukubukuro (福袋) aka Lucky bags

New year day is a time for celebration and many times shops all over the world is close. However is not that same for Japan, in fact is a massive shopping spree for many people and shops are having big sales. Many brands and shops also sell Fukubukuro (福袋) aka Lucky bags. These bags are usually sold on the day itself or pre-ordered one month earlier. It gotten so famous recently that most famous, popular brands lucky bags gets sold out within minutes to hours.  

A really good example is Liz Lisa luggage lucky bag. Which was sold really fast! I didn't had time to think and it was already gone. So this year, I didn't get any pack from Liz Lisa. (The Liz Lisa shop in Kyoto has also closed down, sadly) 

Many lucky bags contents are usually a secret but worth 3 - 5 times the amount that you paid for. This is why so many girls love to buy this because is a steal! Sometimes, the brand so tell you like the content that you will get inside or might get but in different colour. 

For this post, I'm mainly going to show the first look of the lucky bags that I manage to buy this year. I am going to do a full post of each lucky pack in the future for a better look on each bag. 

The one bag that I manage to pre-order online was the AnkRouge Lucky pack. At their website, they give you a hint on the items you will receive in different colors. 

For Example 

So this what I got in my bag once is arrived on the new year day! 

Another Lucky Bag I manage to get at Kyoto station was Earth music & ecology. 
This was also advertise on their website. 
For ¥10,000 → you get over ¥50,000 worth of items 

Last year I got their casual bag instead as I wanted more casual clothes for school. So for this year I went for the sweet collection. 

What I got inside the bag, as the coat is a sure given. 

Another bag that I manage to buy was Fi.n.t Lucky bag which I also did last year.
I really like their clothes, so I decided to get it. 

As said on their website! I got it at Osaka station as I was passing by. 

The last set I got was from Dreamv (夢展望) which was sold differently from other brands. 
As Dreamv is an online shop with a few brands in one, the way they pack the lucky pack was that you can order a items in a set and then it will be discounted at the end. 

For example, 1 coat, 1 one piece, 1 shoe and 1 accessory must all fit in the range of ¥16,200 → discounted to ¥10,800 

There was also other sets which you were able to do like ¥19.600 and more. The hard thing about this is that the item you order must be within the range. So there was a lot of calculation to do. 

Most of the items I got was from Mon lily, getting their clothes on a discount on top of a discount is such a good bargain to me.

There you have the first outlook on my lucky pack for 2017! Will be doing a more detailed post on each bag soon! 


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