Samantha Thavasa (Petit Choice) Pastel Blue wallet.

I'm a big fan of Samantha Thavasa products and I always loved their stuff since 5 - 6 years ago. So is been awhile since I change my wallet as my pink Samantha Vega wallet was holding pretty well. The only thing that I was probably annoyed with was the coin zip which is always caught with the outer zip. Nonetheless Im really satisfied with it for the past 2 years of using it. Currently the one thing that is peeling is the bottom sides of the wallet but is minor. 

There is quite a number of significant memories with this wallet, as is the first one I bought from Japan and it was on a huge discount. It also been with me for half of my life in Japan. 

The wallet that is above it was bought in a shop at Kyoto Aeon mall that reminds me of Samantha Thavasa. I wanted a smaller wallet to bring with me when I go travelling or back to my home country. Since having a big wallet is quite annoying when you want to travel lightly. 

Taken from Samantha Thavasa Blog
The new wallet I bought this time round was from Samantha Thavasa, Petit Choice selection and is the Flower Mochifu Pastel Blue. (【クリスマス限定】 フラワーモチ) Which is apparently 2016 Christmas limited. Since it was a Christmas special, they had a special promotion and discount on it too. Really love how my birthday is so close to the Christmas sales.

The promotion was a mini discount and 2 free gifts which includes a letter charm and a cute pompom to match. 

This year, My boyfriend Vincent also surprised me by making a trip down in secret and was able to celebrate my birthday with me and my friends for a few days. He told me that he will get me this wallet as my birthday present! Since there was a Christmas special promotion, I choose this blue wallet. Thank you so much love!!
(Him coming down was a bigger present then anything else XD) 

As I said from the start that the only thing that bothered me was the zip from my previous wallet. This time I choose the one with the button and going to see if is better. 
What I noticed from this wallet is that it has twice as much card holders and pockets than the previous one. It had so much more than I was even confuse to how I should organize my stuff. 

The Wallet itself have the usual coin pouch and instead of the usual 3 it has 4 partition. It also have 6 slots in the wallet excluding the card slots. (That is really a lot) So it was somehow a big upgrade of space from the pink Samantha Vega wallet. 

The thing that I really love about Samantha's product is that their leather is the kind that will flake in a year. I was able to maintain my pink wallet really well even thought I feel I treated it unkindly at times. So to my pink wallet, Thanks for treating me so well in the past 2 years and I will still used you for other purpose in the near future~ 

Just realize that this wallet matches with Tokage, and currently the number of blue things is increasing. 


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