Thursday, 23 February 2017

SABON, Body Scrub and Body Lotion

The first item that I talked about in my post in "January Favorite picks" is about SABON body scrub and Body lotion. As I mention, I will be doing a full post featuring about the product because is really worth it in my opinion. I apologize that I took so long to make this post because I was busy (lazy)

       The story of SABON originality came from Israel with a different brand name and then open their first SABON store in New York city in 2003 because the owners saw the international demand for their products. Currently they have over 400 stores around the world and is still expected to expand even further. (I wish it comes to Singapore soon) 

My first expose to SABON was at their outlet in Kyoto, which was at the street in Karasuma. Being curious, I entered in the store with my friends and the staff asked if we would want to try their products. After the testing session, I was sold! We all felt that our hands were silky smooth like a baby butt and we couldn't stop touching it. I bought my first product last year, which was the body scrub in Lavender Apple and was happily using it for a couple of months. (It comes with a complimentary spoon) 

Since I bought a small tub of it, I figure out that I need to get a new as it was running out. After a span of 4 months, I went back and bought another scrub and also a body lotion. I decided to buy a set instead of just the scrub because they were having a promotion. With every purchase of the scrub, you will also get a complimentary golden spoon! (I really wanted the golden spoon) 

I wanted to try something new too and tested the Tropic Flavor scrub and decided to buy as the fragrance was really sweet. It has a sweet fruit punch fragrance that you will get from a mocktail at the beach and I thought it will be fun to try something new. 
My friend, Sonya also mentions that "it smells like Bali" or probably any beach resort

The colour looks like a light yellow, which reminds me of a passion fruit drink or mango.
While the lavender Apple has a really nice baby pink colour. 


To compare both flavors, I did a video to show what the scrub looks like and the difference in colour. It also shows the amount of scrub and oil ratio that is in the tub. Even thought I already use quite a lot for the Lavender Apple, there is still a good amount of oil left in it. 

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The size of the two tubs is also different as I bought a smaller tub for Lavender Apple and the bigger one for the Tropic. The size difference can be seen in the photo below. I used the smaller tub for around 4 months and using it around once or twice a week. 

It will be really weird to show a video of me using it so I'm just going to type it out here. 

     The scrub is really fantastic! After using it on my whole body, the oil makes it really moist and the scrub really did its job. Is really the perfect thing to pamper your body when is during the winter time when is really dry and your body need extra moisture. After using the body scrub, I usually feel that is smooth and moist enough and always feel lazy to put on my body lotion. However, putting the body lotion increase the effect of it and it will still feel as soft and smooth in the morning.

Since Tropic didn't have a body lotion version, I took my next favorite which is Lavender Apple. The fragrance is similar to the body scrub and their body lotion is really light. Probably the only negative point about it is that the pump is a bit annoying as sometimes the lotion will squirt further than usual. (Flying!)  

Is lightly pinkish in colour and I usually use around 6 - 8 pumps for my whole body. Pairing this with the body scrub helps to enhance the product even more and usually they suggest you use the same fragrance so that it won't mix. 
Well, I did it and I just smell really super sweet in the end. 

The body scrub comes in many different flavors and is best to go down to the shop itself to try it out so that you know which is to your liking. If you love sweet, fruity fragrance like me. 
You can always try Lavender Apple and Tropic! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.  

If you come across this brand in Japan, America or other parts of the world. Do go in a take a look and even try it out! Since the testing is free, it won't do any harm to give it a try. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Japan Baking kits for Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day everyone Or Happy Single Awareness Day. 

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine day and hope everyone is happy and have no rejection at all. (Hopefully) 

The common thing in Singapore is pretty much like the western countries, where is usually the guys buy things for the girl, however in Japan is the opposite where girls give chocolates to the guys and hope they get something back in return on white's day. For me, I prefer making chocolates or baking something for my boyfriend instead of him getting me an overpriced flowers or dinner.

Since Japan has this tradition of having girls making chocolates for guys (or buying), it has produced many baking kits that usually only make their appearance when Valentine Day is approaching. 
These baking kits that are mostly Do-It-Yourself idiot proof are decorated in cute and girly packaging which sells like hotcakes. 

The one in the video below is in Kyoto Loft, where they showcase the kits on the first floor to promote them 2 weeks before Valentine day. I was lucky enough to buy some back again for my friends and myself. 

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Not only do they lay the kits out, but they also gave a sample piece on how it will look like once is baked which is really informative to know. There are many kits available from different brands and the price is ranging from ¥600 ~ ¥2000 (Without tax) for each box. The quality of the chocolate and the packaging also makes a difference in the price.

So last year I bought the fondant au chocolat to try out and the van houten cocoa truffle was for Aya. The results of both kits were a tremendous success and the lava cake was so good that we ate 6 piece out of the 8 and I only have 2 to Vincent. 

This year, I didn't want to buy the same brand again because I wanted to test other brands and kits. So these are the kits that I bought back for my friends and I. The doughnut muffin is for Pris, while the rabbit cookies are for Aya. 
The chocolate lave cake is for the guys to make for us and the remaining last two is mine. 

The kit that I will be using for my Valentine Day gift will be this one.
 I bought the Macaroons kit for fun and to use it next time. I shall blog about it next time once I get to use it. 

The Gâteau au Chocolat baking kit which includes 2 heart mold. 

Inside, you are expected to have these ingredients and the one that you need to provide for yourself is the unsalted butter, milk and egg. (Which are usually fresh ingredients)

The chocolate powder, raw chocolate, mold and powder sugar. 

The baking starts and we all got down to our kits. 
(Since I didn't have many tools to go around, we had to share)

Please read the instruction on the back and don't be like these guys who didn't even know that they needed to put flour into their mix. 

After a lot of hard work and laughter, here are the results. 

My cake came out really well and I was proud of it! 

The kit even gave powdered sugar for the toppings. 

Vincent looks happy because is not a rock this time XD 

My friends doughnut muffins and cookies turn out pretty well too! The sweetness was just right and both of them were really Delicious. 
The doughnut muffins had strawberry filling inside which they provided and the cookies had chocolate pens to decorate them with. 

However, for the guys, it was their best effort. It hasn't really baked at first and they put it for another 10 mins which resulted to 4 out of 6 turning to muffins. (Well is not that idiot proof after all) 

Even thought their lave cakes didn't turn out to be what we expected and only 2 was passable. It still tasted pretty good. Well, this also show that you can screw up if you don't do it right with the baking part. However, if you really follow the recipe to the book, I am sure it won't be this bad. 

This concludes the baking session for Valentine day that I had with my friends and here are some notes for the kits. 

 If you are not good at baking and always wanted to try out you should buy these kits. 
 The instruction given is all in Japanese so be prepared to use a translator. (Like google translate)
 Some kits like the doughnut muffin gives a detailed instruction sheet inside the box with pictures. While most of them are just behind the box with drawn instruction. 
 The kit usually provides you with the chocolate and dry ingredients while the fresh ingredients are not included.
 Some of the kits, like the cookies provide you with the cutter which you can keep. 
 The kit also includes molds, cups, holders and bags. (EVERYTHING IS THERE) 
 Some kits which are usually the decorating type, also includes chocolate pens and sprinkles.
 Some kits also include Jam and other ingredients inside. 
 There are many kits available, like chocolate cakes to cheese cakes bar, chocolate truffles, cake pops, cereal bars and etc. 
 It is pretty hard to find when is not Valentine season and probably the only way to get it is from Amazon

Monday, 6 February 2017

Valentine Day Nails

Before I came back to Singapore, I decided to do my nails at Sarinasnail again. 
Truth is, I also wanted nice nails before going to Kinosaki Onsen. 

As Valentine Day is around the corner and Chinese New year is not really celebrated in Japan, I decided to go for a more sweet chocolate design. I didn't really want it to be too loud too and Sarina didn't have the strawberry stickers I wanted so I went for a more simple design. So this is the final outcome of my gelish nails.  

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I went for a more pastel pink with a little sugar sprinkle look with an effect of white chocolate dripping over. I also opted for a pink heart with chocolate drizzle.  For the 3 pastel pink nails, I also opted it for it to be matted to make it look like chocolate. 

So the next part of this post shall be some sample ideas that you may like for your valentine day~ 
To complete that look with sweet nails. 
These pictures that I took from Instagram, is what I feel that will fit Larmekei. The trend this year follows on to be chocolate drizzles with either pastel, brown and of course red hearts. 

All credit and rights belong to the respective owners in the Instagram pictures. 

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For more pictures you can Instagram search "#バレンタインネイル"

To every girl in love out there~ Hope you have a wonderful Valentine Day. 
If everything goes wrong, well at least you have awesome nails that you can use to scratch the guy's eye ball out. :3 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

January Favorite Picks

    Since I'm too lazy to write individual posts for some things I decided to follow a trend that I saw on YouTube recently about favorite picks of the month from the YouTubers. I have tried a lot of things and sometimes I just really want to share with everyone that the item or product is just really good! (Or bad). I'm just going for a few picks first and it will add more in the other months next time. I hope you find this interesting and helpful! 

So let's get into it! (Items are not ranked in orders) 


 Body Scrub and Body Lotion 

First up, SABON body scrub and body lotion. I'm just going to talk briefly about this product as I feel it deserve a post on its own! I will do that soon! Spring and summer is coming and so it makes me itch for a brand new fragrance. 
This time for the body scrub, I choose Tropic. A scent that my friend said "It smells like the drinks from Bali" Which is like a passion fruity smell. Its sweet yet refreshing! 
The scrub itself is sea salt based with oil and after using it, I feel that my skin is already moisturize. 
The shop was also having special package deals and so I got another the body lotion to pair with it. 
The lotion didn't have a Tropic choice, so I decided to get my favorite which is Lavender Apple. The mix fragrance of lavender and apply surprisingly goes really well together. 

Overall : I love SABON product as a whole and they really make awesome scrubs! 

The SABON trial set which includes a body scrub and a body lotion cost ¥7000. Not forgetting their current novelty fair, which includes a golden spoon. 


 Dr. Pore Tightening, Glacial Clay Facial Mask 

Another product that I need to make a post for is this pore facial mask. I really want to show everyone the before and after of my skin after using the mask. (So I won't type as much)

Recommended from the website that this was a top favorite from their customers, I and Rebecca decided to give it a shot. 
At first, this mask feels really stingy and I thought it was not working. However, after a few months of using it, I feel there is some improvement for my pores. It has a nice minty feel, but it can stingy your face a bit for a few minutes. After 15 - 20 minutes, wash it off and feel the springy feeling on your face. 
A product to try if you are concern about your pores! 

I got it online at 17 USD. 


Crayon Lipstick - Peach Coral 

Next on the makeup list! The new Candydoll Crayon lipstick in Peach Coral. 

After a period of time, Candydoll has released another set of products to the market. The one that caught my eye was their crayon lipstick in peach coral. When I saw Tsubasa trying it out on her Instagram, I really wanted to get it as the colour looks pretty. 
After trying it, I can say that the crayon lipstick is really smooth and there is no rough feeling on application. The colour stayed on pretty well and is meant for a lighter feel than a striking look. I would say the colour goes in between pink and an orange undertone. A colour that I would play around and mix with my other lipsticks. 
If you are looking for a coral lipstick, you give candydoll a try! 

Retailing in Japan at ¥990 

カンロ のど飴 

Kanro Throat candyWith honey and Chinese Quince 

Usually when there is a scratchy feeling in your throat, you will think there is a sore throat coming and it will terrorize your days in the future. That's how I always feel when I wake up in the morning during the winter. 

In Singapore, I usually turn to Strepsils. However, I couldn't find that in Kyoto... So I needed to find an alternative. This is one of my favorite that I found in the nearby supermarket and have been buying it ever since. Kanro Throat candy with honey and Chinese quince. It has a herb, minty taste with the sweetness of honey.
To be honest, I have no idea what is Chinese quince and I always thought it was Lemon, judging from the picture. 
There are many throat candies in Japan, but this particular candy is just my favorite because is not overly sweet, it doesn't (cut) your tongue when is in your mouth and it helps the throat fast. It tastes close to Strepsils but is not as minty and closer to a candy. 
Do give it a try if you come across this candy at the convenient stores or supermarkets.
Is roughly ¥210 per packet.