January Favorite Picks

    Since I'm too lazy to write individual posts for some things I decided to follow a trend that I saw on YouTube recently about favorite picks of the month from the YouTubers. I have tried a lot of things and sometimes I just really want to share with everyone that the item or product is just really good! (Or bad). I'm just going for a few picks first and it will add more in the other months next time. I hope you find this interesting and helpful! 

So let's get into it! (Items are not ranked in orders) 


 Body Scrub and Body Lotion 

First up, SABON body scrub and body lotion. I'm just going to talk briefly about this product as I feel it deserve a post on its own! I will do that soon! Spring and summer is coming and so it makes me itch for a brand new fragrance. 
This time for the body scrub, I choose Tropic. A scent that my friend said "It smells like the drinks from Bali" Which is like a passion fruity smell. Its sweet yet refreshing! 
The scrub itself is sea salt based with oil and after using it, I feel that my skin is already moisturize. 
The shop was also having special package deals and so I got another the body lotion to pair with it. 
The lotion didn't have a Tropic choice, so I decided to get my favorite which is Lavender Apple. The mix fragrance of lavender and apply surprisingly goes really well together. 

Overall : I love SABON product as a whole and they really make awesome scrubs! 

The SABON trial set which includes a body scrub and a body lotion cost ¥7000. Not forgetting their current novelty fair, which includes a golden spoon. 


 Dr. Pore Tightening, Glacial Clay Facial Mask 

Another product that I need to make a post for is this pore facial mask. I really want to show everyone the before and after of my skin after using the mask. (So I won't type as much)

Recommended from the website that this was a top favorite from their customers, I and Rebecca decided to give it a shot. 
At first, this mask feels really stingy and I thought it was not working. However, after a few months of using it, I feel there is some improvement for my pores. It has a nice minty feel, but it can stingy your face a bit for a few minutes. After 15 - 20 minutes, wash it off and feel the springy feeling on your face. 
A product to try if you are concern about your pores! 

I got it online at 17 USD. 


Crayon Lipstick - Peach Coral 

Next on the makeup list! The new Candydoll Crayon lipstick in Peach Coral. 

After a period of time, Candydoll has released another set of products to the market. The one that caught my eye was their crayon lipstick in peach coral. When I saw Tsubasa trying it out on her Instagram, I really wanted to get it as the colour looks pretty. 
After trying it, I can say that the crayon lipstick is really smooth and there is no rough feeling on application. The colour stayed on pretty well and is meant for a lighter feel than a striking look. I would say the colour goes in between pink and an orange undertone. A colour that I would play around and mix with my other lipsticks. 
If you are looking for a coral lipstick, you give candydoll a try! 

Retailing in Japan at ¥990 

カンロ のど飴 

Kanro Throat candyWith honey and Chinese Quince 

Usually when there is a scratchy feeling in your throat, you will think there is a sore throat coming and it will terrorize your days in the future. That's how I always feel when I wake up in the morning during the winter. 

In Singapore, I usually turn to Strepsils. However, I couldn't find that in Kyoto... So I needed to find an alternative. This is one of my favorite that I found in the nearby supermarket and have been buying it ever since. Kanro Throat candy with honey and Chinese quince. It has a herb, minty taste with the sweetness of honey.
To be honest, I have no idea what is Chinese quince and I always thought it was Lemon, judging from the picture. 
There are many throat candies in Japan, but this particular candy is just my favorite because is not overly sweet, it doesn't (cut) your tongue when is in your mouth and it helps the throat fast. It tastes close to Strepsils but is not as minty and closer to a candy. 
Do give it a try if you come across this candy at the convenient stores or supermarkets.
Is roughly ¥210 per packet. 


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