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The first item that I talked about in my post in "January Favorite picks" is about SABON body scrub and Body lotion. As I mention, I will be doing a full post featuring about the product because is really worth it in my opinion. I apologize that I took so long to make this post because I was busy (lazy)

       The story of SABON originality came from Israel with a different brand name and then open their first SABON store in New York city in 2003 because the owners saw the international demand for their products. Currently they have over 400 stores around the world and is still expected to expand even further. (I wish it comes to Singapore soon) 

My first expose to SABON was at their outlet in Kyoto, which was at the street in Karasuma. Being curious, I entered in the store with my friends and the staff asked if we would want to try their products. After the testing session, I was sold! We all felt that our hands were silky smooth like a baby butt and we couldn't stop touching it. I bought my first product last year, which was the body scrub in Lavender Apple and was happily using it for a couple of months. (It comes with a complimentary spoon) 

Since I bought a small tub of it, I figure out that I need to get a new as it was running out. After a span of 4 months, I went back and bought another scrub and also a body lotion. I decided to buy a set instead of just the scrub because they were having a promotion. With every purchase of the scrub, you will also get a complimentary golden spoon! (I really wanted the golden spoon) 

I wanted to try something new too and tested the Tropic Flavor scrub and decided to buy as the fragrance was really sweet. It has a sweet fruit punch fragrance that you will get from a mocktail at the beach and I thought it will be fun to try something new. 
My friend, Sonya also mentions that "it smells like Bali" or probably any beach resort

The colour looks like a light yellow, which reminds me of a passion fruit drink or mango.
While the lavender Apple has a really nice baby pink colour. 


To compare both flavors, I did a video to show what the scrub looks like and the difference in colour. It also shows the amount of scrub and oil ratio that is in the tub. Even thought I already use quite a lot for the Lavender Apple, there is still a good amount of oil left in it. 

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The size of the two tubs is also different as I bought a smaller tub for Lavender Apple and the bigger one for the Tropic. The size difference can be seen in the photo below. I used the smaller tub for around 4 months and using it around once or twice a week. 

It will be really weird to show a video of me using it so I'm just going to type it out here. 

     The scrub is really fantastic! After using it on my whole body, the oil makes it really moist and the scrub really did its job. Is really the perfect thing to pamper your body when is during the winter time when is really dry and your body need extra moisture. After using the body scrub, I usually feel that is smooth and moist enough and always feel lazy to put on my body lotion. However, putting the body lotion increase the effect of it and it will still feel as soft and smooth in the morning.

Since Tropic didn't have a body lotion version, I took my next favorite which is Lavender Apple. The fragrance is similar to the body scrub and their body lotion is really light. Probably the only negative point about it is that the pump is a bit annoying as sometimes the lotion will squirt further than usual. (Flying!)  

Is lightly pinkish in colour and I usually use around 6 - 8 pumps for my whole body. Pairing this with the body scrub helps to enhance the product even more and usually they suggest you use the same fragrance so that it won't mix. 

Well, I did it and I just smell really super sweet in the end. 

The body scrub comes in many different flavors and is best to go down to the shop itself to try it out so that you know which is to your liking. If you love sweet, fruity fragrance like me. 
You can always try Lavender Apple and Tropic! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.  

If you come across this brand in Japan, America or other parts of the world. Do go in a take a look and even try it out! Since the testing is free, it won't do any harm to give it a try. 


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